Friday, September 30, 2011

Aurora Style: Pattern Mixing (Again)

I couldn't help it. I had to share MORE cute photos of Aurora.  She is really taking a liking to getting dressed up...mostly the shoes part (so much like her mama).  This weird in-between weather in conjunction with my laziness about laundry has caused me to be a little more creative with her clothes.

But this creativity turned out really cute!  Aurora is wearing a dress (12 months) as a tunic top--since she's now 19 months and it's too short--and a pair of pants as cropped pants/capris (since they're also 12 months). I was worried it might look a little like she simply outgrew her clothes (which, she did), but instead I think it was a really cute look! Especially with the red and white stripes and leopard. I added her little gold bow flats to give her that "petite jeune fille" look.  All that's missing is a beret! (She has one, but it's brown and pink, so it would clash too much with this ensemble.)

I also had to share that Aurora is becoming the sweetest little helper.  She helps to put away silverware, take things to the recycling, clean up her toys (sometimes), and most recently, she's started helping to bring the newpaper in for her dada.

Cute in cotton--->dress-Under the Nile (thrifted), pants-Carter's, flats-Gymboree (thrifted)

We are very careful about making sure no cars are coming/around when she gets the papers, even though it's a quiet neighborhood.  Don't worry, Grandma and Papa (if you're reading this!).
 I really don't think she could get much cuter...and then she does something TOTALLY cute and changes all that. I love that her personality is a little sweet, but a little feisty, and of course, very social ( much like mama already that it's scary).  We're looking forward to a fun fall weekend together, with weather cool enough to wear some of her new (thrifted) fall duds.  More photos to come--of course. :)