Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Last year for Halloween I dressed up as a cowgirl...and I'm talking, the typical Halloween-version of a cowgirl--plaid shirt, tied in a knot (exposing the midriff), cut off shorts, pig tails....yikes! Lots of people suggested I go as a pregnant nun this year (by "go" I'm not sure what they meant...I'm certainly not doing any bar/party hopping these days).  Andrew and I decided to do the cliche pumpkin belly (which I first saw on Amber in Teen Mom....eeesh).  Here it is!
Baby C's first Halloween--she is dressed as a pumpkin.  
(Painted by daddy.)

Happy Halloween!  Hope you get lots of treats! 
(And keep your eyes peeled for little Aurora's first Halloween costume...she is too darn cute!)


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Miskabelly Vintage Re-Design

As most of you know, our original etsy shop (which is still going strong!), Miskabelle, was our first venture into selling and blogging about vintage clothing.  On the Miskabelle blog, we had (and hope to have in the future!) entries where we would take a vintage piece that had a great print, or a rich fabric or unique detail, but was a little off and redesign it into something more wearable.

Being (almost) 8 months pregnant I'm still trying to use a lot of vintage in my wardrobe but have been finding that not all of it works with my new body I figured, why not do a Miskabelly maternity-version "re-design"?

I snatched this dress up a couple weeks ago on a thrifting trip.  What drew me to it?  First off, I'm a sucker for shades of blue and purple and then the 70's-esque diagonal stripes, the little puffed sleeves....  The one big issue (besides the length--most vintage dresses I buy for myself, I end up shortening to above-the-knee) was the ever-popular trait of a lot of dresses from the 70s/80s--the slightly dropped waistline, with the billowy top.
After fixing the length, and moving up the waistline (empire waists are SO much better for baby bumps), I also decided I wasn't a fan of the high neckline (I like to show some collar bone!).  In order to accommodate all these things, I decided it would be easiest to just slice it down the middle and work with it as a button-up dress.  Here's how it turned out:
 A conservative granny dress, with a fun color palette re-designed into a baby-doll mini dress with a v-neck and buttons down the front!  Though it was quite the overhaul,  I'm kind of digging the final product.

Until next time!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 31: It’s all about ME

Sitting at my computer, I’m really stumped about what to write about this week.  Pregnancy is certainly far from mundane….I suppose it’s just SO far from mundane that I’m not sure what to share right now that wouldn’t scare some of our readers!  Body changes, mood changes, weird dreams, crazy thoughts… I’m honestly starting to forget what I was like before I had a bun in the oven—when my belly wasn’t constantly itchy from the stretching skin, when I didn’t cry at commercials [as often], when I didn’t wake up twice a night to go pee, when my biggest concern in the world was what to cook the hubby for dinner.   I feel like being pregnant has made me SO self-concerned.  It’s really all I talk about.  I’m constantly complaining to poor Andrew about my aches and pains.  Every little change in my body, I’m running to the computer to google if it’s normal.  So, I’m super anxious to have this little baby so I can cast all my [own] cares away and focus on her.  Even though it is kinda nice getting a little extra attention that comes with having a baby bump.

This weekend is my baby shower!  Amanda and my mom are throwing it for me—my one request was that I didn’t have to be involved in planning.  I loathe party planning.  From what I’ve heard it will be vintage-themed (of course!).  Keep your eyes peeled for Amanda’s blog entry, documenting the shindig!

 In these photos:  white tank from Target, vintage vest (for sale on Miskabelle), grey maxi skirt (thrifted, not vintage), black braided sandals by Dolce Vida, vintage/other jewelry

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Monday, October 25, 2010

CLOSED-Handmade Feature/Giveaway: Bikki's Beehive by Bikkand

We have been having a blast, sharing some of our favorite new etsy shops with you!  This week we are featuring a shop that sells adorable crochet baby mary janes, booties, beanies, cloches and more!  Bikki's Beehive by Bikkand:  The Crochet Closet for Baby Shoes and Accessories.  We love the whimsical floral details and pretty color combinations of all the items in the shop.  

The owner of Bikki's Beehive is the lovely Prasanna--who is also a mom-to-be!  
Let's get to know a little bit about Prasanna:

What does your life outside of Etsy/blogging look like?
I have been married seven years now and we are expecting our first baby girl this December. I quit by job to be a stay at home wife/mother for a while. I agree women gain a lot of financial independence working outside but I personally feel there is a multifold gain and fulfillment by running a good home, taking care of family and pursuing a passion one loves for a reason other than money alone.
I have always loved crocheting and knitting  I have wanted to start a boutique of my own, and liked etsy for its style and stuff.I like to try all kinds of yarn, though I like to use only good quality cotton yarn because it is soft to the touch and breathes well. I do like cotton blends and pure wool for a better finish and easy care. I like blending hues and appreciate intricate details that are handmade and vintage. I have a very picky taste when it comes to style.
I like the scenic nature, the beach, beautiful clothes, jewelry, shoes, purses and love to stay abreast with the latest trends. I am a big supporter of Etsy because in a commercialized world like ours, most people are losing touch for precious, pretty things and failing to recognize the hardwork and immense talent that skilled artisans have for handmade, vintage and one of a kind pieces.

Describe yourself in three words:  innovative, artistic, compassionate

Fall piece you cant live without: As of now, maternity floral dresses.

Most recent fashion-related purchase:  Cotton fairisle knitted dress for my baby that I am waiting to try on her.

Do you craft/make anything else outside of whats in your shop?
Yes, I love fabric and sewing,  macrame, jewelry designing and making, clay and pottery.

Three bands/singers you cant get enough of: Simon and Garfunkel, Carpenters,KT Tunstall and many many more

What made you decide to start a shop?  My baby has been my inspiration...I started off making so much stuff for her that I thought I need to extend this passion because I simply loved crocheting and knitting.

Significance of your shop name? Bikkand ( small seed in my language)/ Bikki is what my husband calls me. Beehive because it reminds me of a crocheted/woven closet and oozes out sweet nectar/honey...more like my hive sweet hive(home).

Favorite item in your shop right now?

Prasanna has graciously offered some of the adorable items from her shop as a giveaway to ONE lucky Miskabelly reader!!  Here are the items that are up for grabs:


Your entry gives you the chance to win the berry crochet mary janes with matching headband AND an additional pair of yellow crochet mary janes (SO cute!!).

Here's how to enter:
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 what your favorite item from Bikki's Beehive is.
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Bikki's Beehive
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Multiple entries are allowed (if you want to follow the blog, AND our twitter AND re-tweet AND vote for us, go for it!).  This contest will run through next Monday, November 1st.  The winner will be chosen through a random number generator.

Good Luck!!
Manda & Jayme 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Reflections on Moms and Identity

I wouldn’t trade my little Aurora for the world, but there are things about pre-baby life I really miss.  At the top of the list?  Being able to pick up and go anywhere at any time.  During the day, I can go almost anywhere I please, but it has to happen between naps/feedings and it’s a little more complicated getting all of the gear together (stroller, diapers and wipes, sippy cup, snacks, etc.).  It takes a little planning. As for going out in the evenings—that’s pretty much never.  Aurora is in bed between 7 and 7:30.  I can’t just meet a friend for a drink or go to an impromptu show at a club or go out dancing.  I need an advanced plan (and a babysitter).

I hear those parents that say, “I live for my kids,” and while I can appreciate the sentiment (that’s most likely hyperbole), I think that we can’t give our kids our best if we aren’t giving ourselves our best first.  You can’t run the car without fuel, you know what I’m saying?  We get tricked into thinking we’re selfish if we read two bedtime stories instead of five, just so we can have some extra time with our spouse (or a good book…or a bath) in the evening.
Right before I found out I was pregnant with Aurora, I made an inspiration board for myself.  I still had it hidden in my desk, so I pulled it out to share.

 I realize it's just a glorified collage, but it helped me to daily visualize the things I wanted and to remind me daily that I needed to pursue my passions.

At the time I made this, I was focused on pursuing music and writing.  I had also just gone through a divorce and found myself dating people who were really bad for me (mostly musicians).  My inspiration board reminded me of the qualities I had to have in a person to make them a true part of my life. "Reject Apathy" became my new motto.  I didn't want to do things or be in relationships if my heart wasn't in them.  At the center of it all:  Faith. Hope. Love. I really wanted those things to be the center of my life (easier said than done).  And I wrote in two of my favorite quotes by Rilke and Virginia Woolf (from  To The Lighthouse:  "And then she said to herself, brandishing her sword at Life, Nonsense.").

Some parts of it have changed—some parts have been fulfilled—and some parts I’m still waiting on. I think sometime in the next few weeks I’d like to make a new personal inspiration board for myself.
Mamas, who wants to join me?


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Steppin' Out on a Saturday

Yes, it's Saturday, and yes, I got dressed up because I actually had somewhere to go!

Today we celebrated our niece Zoe's first birthday.  It was a gorgeous day for a party.  Aurora fussed all morning and refused to take a nap, so she of course fell asleep in the car on the way there, then only napped about 15 minutes.  There were lots of other little ones at the party, so she thoroughly enjoyed herself.  I thought it was going to be much cooler outside than it was, so I had her dressed in this cute sweater and all ready for her own Steppin' Out pic, but it ended up being way too hot.  So, no outfit pics for Aurora (she's in a plain onesie and leggings) or Q (who came straight from coaching soccer in his coach's gear).

Just me:
leather jacket-vintage, black top-?, lace skirt-Target, tights-?, boots-vintage, 
necklace-vintage key on a chain

I have been dying to wear this leather biker jacket and planned my whole outfit around it...then I got outside and it was too hot to wear to the party!  Of course, I still wore it for the outfit photos.  You also may notice my hair looks a little different (it looked much more awesome yesterday, but today it flattened out since I took the pics post-party).  I did my own ombre hair, and I love it!  The ends turned out awesome.  I will have to get a closer photo, but it was really easy and the color is amazing.

Here are a few little pics of the birthday party--which was fall-themed.  Zoe's dad made two really cool pumpkin (as in, shaped like actual pumpkins) cake and there were lots of yummy goodies to go around.  There were also party favors for all the little ones--a new book for Aurora to add to her library (Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin).  Q read it to her at bedtime...and man, was she pooped.  She napped for two hours once we got home this afternoon, and I bet she'll be sleeping well tonight.  Mucho stimulation.

 Party people! (No babies were hurt in the making of this photo.)

 Aurora made a new friend.

 The birthday girl with mommy and daddy (and a glimpse of the awesome pumpkin cake!)

Aurora was thoroughly enjoying all of Zoe's new toys...
 ...but she got her own little present to open too!

We had such a good time at the party...I couldn't help but start thinking about Aurora's turn to party in a few  months. WOW.  These babies are growing up too fast!  It's so amazing to watch how far they come with every single day.  Being a parent is beyond words.



Thanks to all who entered to win Bebe Legs from Vieux Carre Bebe (and thank you to the lovely Tracy for offering such an awesome prize to our readers!).
The winner, chosen by a random number generator, is:

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Michelle said... 
Hooty Hoot Corduroy Twirl Skirt is my favorite!
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mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 30: The Countdown Begins

So.  10 weeks to go.  Here’s the part where I start periodically saying, “I can’t believe I only have [fill in number here] weeks left before my due date!”

If you follow Miskabelly on Twitter you may have noticed my repetitive grumblings about being super distracted and unable to concentrate on my work at my day job (oh, and if you’re not following me on Twitter…click here to do so!).  It has seriously become a problem.  I’ve got baby on the brain like you wouldn’t believe!  It doesn’t help that this little girl is kicking and turning and poking at me all day long.  I love those little kicks—they let me know she’s doing okay in there.  But they’re also a constant reminder that I’ve got a baby on board and the desk I sit at everyday and the computer screen I stare out for hours on end are about to be a thing of the past (eek!).  Times they are a’changin’ around these parts.  As I get closer to my due date…and my last day at work, Amanda and I are busting our butts to get the Miskabelle/Miskabelly ball rolling.  We’re stocking up the shops, setting up more giveaways, looking for publicity and all this while we still are going about our regular lives and jobs.  It is a LOT of work.  And also a LOT of fun.  We’re building a mini empire for our baby girls.

This week I let Andrew in on some of the self-timer photo fun.  I love how we captured a moment, even with no one behind the camera!  That guy makes me so freakin happy—as you can see in the photos.
In these photos:
Jayme’s wearing- tan sweater (not sure of the brand?), leggings from target, bow socks from Target, vintage cowboy boots, vintage head scarf.
Andrew’s wearing- black polo shirt by Penguin, corduroy pants from Gap, Havaiana flip flops.

We can't wait to be parents!


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Monday, October 18, 2010

CLOSED. Handmade Spotlight and Giveaway: Vieux Carre Bebe

Thanks to all who entered our first giveaway!  It was a great success and we're super excited to share more of our favorite etsy sellers with you.  This week we're featuring Tracy of Vieux Carre' Bebe.

Vieux Carre' Bebe features handmade apparel (pants, skirts, jumpers) and hair clips for little ones, as well as our favorite....Bebe Legs.  Bebe Legs are like leg warmers for babies....perfect for learning to crawl (gotta protect those knees!) and super convenient--making diaper changing a breeze.

Let's get to know a bit about the owner and creative mind behind Vieux Carre' Bebe, Tracy:

Tracy's first interest in sewing stemmed from her love for cloth diapering.  Having two little ones in diapers, she was hoping to start making cloth diapers on her own.
Tracy said:
"I soon found out that knit was my mortal enemy and can't sew with that slippery stuff to save my life!  So I started with baby legs and worked my way up to dresses, pinafores and ruffled bloomers.  I am totally self taught, I spent MANY nights reading and watching web clips on how to's.  Many mistakes later and Vieux Carre' Bebe was born."

You may be wondering....what exactly does "Vieux Carre' Bebe" mean?
"The name is french for 'Square Mile' which is also a term used for the french quarter in New Orleans.  I am born and raised Slidellian and hail from New Orleans.  (Across the Ponchatrain!)  I LOVE that city with all my heart and soul and wanted to create outfits that I used to see growing up in Louisiana.  Hence the name."

What's Tracy's life like, outside of sewing the world? 
"I am a stay at home mom to two of the most beautiful girls in the world.  Raegan is almost 3 and a complete nut.  Samantha is 15 months and my sweetheart snuggler.  I am married to a wonderful man named Richard who I met growing up.  I currently live just outside Orlando in a suburb named Ocoee.  I like Florida but miss my New Orleans sooooo much!"

This week we are giving away TWO pairs of Bebe Legs from Vieux Carre' Bebe to one of our lucky readers!!
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Vieux Carre' Bebe.
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Vieux Carre' Bebe is!
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Multiple entries are allowed (if you want to follow the blog, AND our twitter AND re-tweet, go for it!)
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Good Luck!!

Manda & Jayme

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Steppin' Out on a [Sunday]

I am usually the person who arrives five or ten minutes early, but this time I'm late to the party.  The blog party, that is.  You see, the funk and funky Mandy, over at Harper's Happenings, has graciously invited lovely mommy bloggers to share their weekend outfit posts on Saturdays, in conjunction with her own "Steppin' Out on Saturday" theme.  But yesterday (Saturday), I spent most of my day at soccer games in comfortable (and warm) clothes, my hair all windblown and eyeliner running.  It was NOT cute.

Sunday was our "date day" this week. We planned to go to the Georgetown Flea Market (BUST) and Dumbarton Oaks Gardens (AWESOME). It was one of those perfect, sunny fall days.  We also had a  pretty yummy Mediterranean lunch (chicken shwarma and a falafel plate with hummus and olives) at the Georgetown Cafe, which was ruined for me when a creepy old man came in and had to have the table next to us, where he proceeded to talk to himself (or his other self) the entire time, as well as read part of a book entitled "Real Life Therapy" aloud.)  But hey, at least I looked cute. (And so did Q and Rora!)

*When viewing these photos, just pretend it's Saturday. It's like I'm photoshopping myself into the party pics.*

 vintage cardigan, scarf (?), embellished tank (Target), jeans (Gap-thrifted), boots (Durango, perfectly worn out by me, but not vintage)
 another pic to show my vintage mini saddle bag and tank detail (it was warm in the sun, so I ended up looking like this for most of our day.)
my babes! Q is wearing: Calvin Klein top, Levi's jeans, and Converse sneakers
Aurora is wearing:  Carter's onesie and The Children's Place jeggings (oh yes, I did)

Sidenote:  There is something so hot to me about a guy in Converse carrying a baby in a front carrier.
 I couldn't resist sharing a few pretty pics from the garden.

So there's my first real outfit post.  It was a good day--my feet hurt a little, only because we walked two or three miles in total around Georgetown.  We came home and napped (though not as long as we would have liked--Aurora was ready to play after only half an hour of rest!).  I'm feeling that weekend-ending sadness overtake me now as I grade essays, and look at my schedule for the week ahead.  

Until next weekend (Saturday, perhaps?),

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Saturday, October 16, 2010


We are so pleased with all the entries for our very first Miskabelly Giveaway!!!
The winner is:  Kerrie!

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Kerrie said... I follow your blog through Google Friend Connect! My favorite item is the Vintage Inspired Toddler Hat :-)

Congratulations, Kerrie! We'll be in touch to send you your hat and diaper wipes case from Grace Tyler Designs.

A BIG Thank you to everyone who entered....NEW giveaway coming up in a few short days! So stay tuned. :)  We love sharing great shops and goodies with our readers.  Thanks for sharing yourselves with us!

Also, while we're at it, we have a teensy favor to ask.  Top Baby Blogs has reset its counters, which means, CLEAN SLATE!  We made it to #39 in the last round, but we'd really love to crack the TOP 25 this time!  Please, would you take a couple seconds to vote for us by clicking the banner below? You can vote everyday and it will continue to add to our tally! :) Thank you so, so much.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Thrifty Mama Finds

I have to confess that sometimes I spend 24 hours in the same clothes (well, pajamas).  Working from home is both a luxury and a curse.  I don't have to get dressed, but I would certainly feel better if I got dressed and left the house.  However, Aurora gets dressed everyday.  I have so much fun picking out her little outfits.  Everything coordinates (thanks to some shade of pink, most of the time).  And it's impossible for her not to look cute.

 See what I'm talkin' about?

Here are some pictures from the gorgeous fall day we had.  I realize I am doing outfit posts with my baby.  I should be the one doing outfit posts.  And I will be soon (see Steppin' Out Saturdays).  But this week involved more staying in than going out.  It also involved more thrifting, which makes up Aurora's outfit of the day:

 Aurora is wearing:  The Children's Place pink corduroy jumper, OshKosh denim jacket, handmade heart beanie (all thrifted!), and Trumpette socks (gift)

 Hats are one of my absolute favorite accessories...and I got this one for 99 cents.  YES!

Okay, so I loved the hat a little more than her, but she needs to learn to wear one for the winter, amirite?

 She loves pumpkins and fall...just like her mama.

I get so high off finding these great kids pieces--barely worn.  I wash them and they're good to go!   Aurora's wardrobe is slowly eclipsing my own, especially as I've gotten rid of a bunch of things that I can't fit my huge new boobs (or belly or booty) into anymore. I'm starting to try to stock up on basics and accessorize like a champ.  

I don't want Aurora to be obsessed with physical appearances:  most of us know that's not what counts.  But there's nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and wanting to look good. (I feel worlds better if I just get a shower and blowdry/straighten my hair during the day.)  I want her to take pride in her beauty, inside and out, and the only way I can do that is to model it for her.  That means my stinky self esteem has got to go.  I haven't lost all (or much) of the baby weight.  I am doughy, and I hate that.  But I have great hair and I'm damn good at makeup and I have a sense of style that isn't just workout pants and a hoodie.  

Can't wait to share my own thrifted and vintage finds with you in weeks to come...and my proud mama strut.

me on wedding celebration morning, out to breakfast. 
vintage short sleeved red cardi, plaid top (?), Target skirt and socks, my favorite Frye engineer boots, vintage Dooney and Bourke bag

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week 29: Poppin’

Something that I NEVER thought would happen to me, has happened.  Part of me has transformed….becoming unrecognizable. 

My belly button has popped!  My signature innie is now an outie. 
Now I know I sound crazy (which is nothing new….) but I really take/took pride in my belly button.  All those cheerleading practices spent running around in a sports bra, getting complimented on my “slit” belly button (it seriously looked like a tiny vertical line…albeit that was pre-college, pre-marriage, and pre-10 lbs.  Before getting pregnant it had already rounded out a bit since the slit-days).  My 18th birthday could not come soon enough, so I could get my perfect belly button pierced (Mistake!  It has since been removed for almost 6 years and the tiny pinhole will forever be a reminder of my bejeweled innie).    But now, I don’t think I could point out my own belly button in a police-style line up.  Don’t tell anyone…but I ‘m kind of digging the outie.  It looks so pregnant-lady-ish.  Makes my questionable baby bump look totally legit.
In other news….my mom and dad helped me plant daffodil bulbs in our garden today.  It’s hard to believe when those flowers POP this spring, that a little baby will be here to enjoy them with us.  These thoughts are getting me through when I remember that we did, in fact, downgrade to basic cable this week in order to save some moola for the little girly on the way.  So no more trashy Bravo reality TV shows….but pretty sure it is going to be worth it after I POP out this baby in a couple months and finally get to revel in our new little family.
In these photos:  vintage cardigan, men's light blue v-neck from Gap, grey leggings from Walmart (oh yes....I've turned into one of THOSE girls who wears leggings as pants...I'm not proud of it.  In my defense, my 'real' pants don't fit!), vintage pixie boots--for sale in our shop!


P.S.  A couple things....1--our giveaway ends on Friday, don't forget to enter!! 2--if you love us, please click that brown box at the top and vote for us on Top Baby Blogs!  Please and thank you. <3

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baby C’s Nursery: DIY #3

I’ve come to the conclusion that the color combo I’ve chosen for baby’s nursery is not super common and making it difficult to find cool pieces for in the room. However, this does give me a little kick in the butt to create the perfect accents on my own.
The room has an overhead light but I imagine waking in the night to baby cries and turning on a dim-lit little lamp rather than the bright glare of the ceiling lighting. I found this plain white lamp at Target, on sale for just $14 (I believe it was part of their “back to school” dorm room stuff). I love the little string pull switch and the brushed silver goes with the 50’s-ish vibe of the dresser I re-finished.

I gathered up some cheap ribbon from a discount store and Jo-Ann Fabrics (originally I wanted a variety of widths…but being on a budget, I decided to stick with the 99 cent rolls, which are mostly all the same width, oh well).

 I also invested (by invested I mean $3.99….these days, that is an investment for me!) in some fabric glue: Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac. That stuff is pretty amazing--goes on similar to hot glue, but without the mess and heat.

The project was pretty easy-peasy:
1. I measured out my strips of ribbon.

2. Next I glued one strip along the top edge and one along the bottom edge (I used a more ruffled edge ribbon for the top and bottom and let the scalloped edges kind of peek over the edges of the lampshade).
3. I then measured out where to put the next piece and just dotted with a pencil, the whole way around the lampshade, about an inch away from the first ribbon strip (NOTE: got a little lazy with this step and tried to just eye it for the rest, but in hindsight wish I would’ve been more tedious! Some rows are bit skewed—learn from my mistakes!).

4. I finished off, varying the distance between rows and just gluing on my ribbon pieces.

And there you have it! Looks pretty fancy for a $14 lamp, huh?


P.S.  Have you entered our GIVEAWAY yet??  An adorable crochet baby hat and diaper clutch are up for grabs from Grace Tyler Designs... who doesn't love winning free stuff?