Saturday, October 23, 2010

Steppin' Out on a Saturday

Yes, it's Saturday, and yes, I got dressed up because I actually had somewhere to go!

Today we celebrated our niece Zoe's first birthday.  It was a gorgeous day for a party.  Aurora fussed all morning and refused to take a nap, so she of course fell asleep in the car on the way there, then only napped about 15 minutes.  There were lots of other little ones at the party, so she thoroughly enjoyed herself.  I thought it was going to be much cooler outside than it was, so I had her dressed in this cute sweater and all ready for her own Steppin' Out pic, but it ended up being way too hot.  So, no outfit pics for Aurora (she's in a plain onesie and leggings) or Q (who came straight from coaching soccer in his coach's gear).

Just me:
leather jacket-vintage, black top-?, lace skirt-Target, tights-?, boots-vintage, 
necklace-vintage key on a chain

I have been dying to wear this leather biker jacket and planned my whole outfit around it...then I got outside and it was too hot to wear to the party!  Of course, I still wore it for the outfit photos.  You also may notice my hair looks a little different (it looked much more awesome yesterday, but today it flattened out since I took the pics post-party).  I did my own ombre hair, and I love it!  The ends turned out awesome.  I will have to get a closer photo, but it was really easy and the color is amazing.

Here are a few little pics of the birthday party--which was fall-themed.  Zoe's dad made two really cool pumpkin (as in, shaped like actual pumpkins) cake and there were lots of yummy goodies to go around.  There were also party favors for all the little ones--a new book for Aurora to add to her library (Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin).  Q read it to her at bedtime...and man, was she pooped.  She napped for two hours once we got home this afternoon, and I bet she'll be sleeping well tonight.  Mucho stimulation.

 Party people! (No babies were hurt in the making of this photo.)

 Aurora made a new friend.

 The birthday girl with mommy and daddy (and a glimpse of the awesome pumpkin cake!)

Aurora was thoroughly enjoying all of Zoe's new toys...
 ...but she got her own little present to open too!

We had such a good time at the party...I couldn't help but start thinking about Aurora's turn to party in a few  months. WOW.  These babies are growing up too fast!  It's so amazing to watch how far they come with every single day.  Being a parent is beyond words.