Sunday, October 17, 2010

Steppin' Out on a [Sunday]

I am usually the person who arrives five or ten minutes early, but this time I'm late to the party.  The blog party, that is.  You see, the funk and funky Mandy, over at Harper's Happenings, has graciously invited lovely mommy bloggers to share their weekend outfit posts on Saturdays, in conjunction with her own "Steppin' Out on Saturday" theme.  But yesterday (Saturday), I spent most of my day at soccer games in comfortable (and warm) clothes, my hair all windblown and eyeliner running.  It was NOT cute.

Sunday was our "date day" this week. We planned to go to the Georgetown Flea Market (BUST) and Dumbarton Oaks Gardens (AWESOME). It was one of those perfect, sunny fall days.  We also had a  pretty yummy Mediterranean lunch (chicken shwarma and a falafel plate with hummus and olives) at the Georgetown Cafe, which was ruined for me when a creepy old man came in and had to have the table next to us, where he proceeded to talk to himself (or his other self) the entire time, as well as read part of a book entitled "Real Life Therapy" aloud.)  But hey, at least I looked cute. (And so did Q and Rora!)

*When viewing these photos, just pretend it's Saturday. It's like I'm photoshopping myself into the party pics.*

 vintage cardigan, scarf (?), embellished tank (Target), jeans (Gap-thrifted), boots (Durango, perfectly worn out by me, but not vintage)
 another pic to show my vintage mini saddle bag and tank detail (it was warm in the sun, so I ended up looking like this for most of our day.)
my babes! Q is wearing: Calvin Klein top, Levi's jeans, and Converse sneakers
Aurora is wearing:  Carter's onesie and The Children's Place jeggings (oh yes, I did)

Sidenote:  There is something so hot to me about a guy in Converse carrying a baby in a front carrier.
 I couldn't resist sharing a few pretty pics from the garden.

So there's my first real outfit post.  It was a good day--my feet hurt a little, only because we walked two or three miles in total around Georgetown.  We came home and napped (though not as long as we would have liked--Aurora was ready to play after only half an hour of rest!).  I'm feeling that weekend-ending sadness overtake me now as I grade essays, and look at my schedule for the week ahead.  

Until next weekend (Saturday, perhaps?),

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