Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Last year for Halloween I dressed up as a cowgirl...and I'm talking, the typical Halloween-version of a cowgirl--plaid shirt, tied in a knot (exposing the midriff), cut off shorts, pig tails....yikes! Lots of people suggested I go as a pregnant nun this year (by "go" I'm not sure what they meant...I'm certainly not doing any bar/party hopping these days).  Andrew and I decided to do the cliche pumpkin belly (which I first saw on Amber in Teen Mom....eeesh).  Here it is!
Baby C's first Halloween--she is dressed as a pumpkin.  
(Painted by daddy.)

Happy Halloween!  Hope you get lots of treats! 
(And keep your eyes peeled for little Aurora's first Halloween costume...she is too darn cute!)



Alissa said...

Oh my lord this is too adorable. Kudos on the paint job Andrew! :)

Sugumarje said...

LOL, Really Fantastic Idea :)
Lucky the kid :P