Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Thrifty Mama Finds

I have to confess that sometimes I spend 24 hours in the same clothes (well, pajamas).  Working from home is both a luxury and a curse.  I don't have to get dressed, but I would certainly feel better if I got dressed and left the house.  However, Aurora gets dressed everyday.  I have so much fun picking out her little outfits.  Everything coordinates (thanks to some shade of pink, most of the time).  And it's impossible for her not to look cute.

 See what I'm talkin' about?

Here are some pictures from the gorgeous fall day we had.  I realize I am doing outfit posts with my baby.  I should be the one doing outfit posts.  And I will be soon (see Steppin' Out Saturdays).  But this week involved more staying in than going out.  It also involved more thrifting, which makes up Aurora's outfit of the day:

 Aurora is wearing:  The Children's Place pink corduroy jumper, OshKosh denim jacket, handmade heart beanie (all thrifted!), and Trumpette socks (gift)

 Hats are one of my absolute favorite accessories...and I got this one for 99 cents.  YES!

Okay, so I loved the hat a little more than her, but she needs to learn to wear one for the winter, amirite?

 She loves pumpkins and fall...just like her mama.

I get so high off finding these great kids pieces--barely worn.  I wash them and they're good to go!   Aurora's wardrobe is slowly eclipsing my own, especially as I've gotten rid of a bunch of things that I can't fit my huge new boobs (or belly or booty) into anymore. I'm starting to try to stock up on basics and accessorize like a champ.  

I don't want Aurora to be obsessed with physical appearances:  most of us know that's not what counts.  But there's nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and wanting to look good. (I feel worlds better if I just get a shower and blowdry/straighten my hair during the day.)  I want her to take pride in her beauty, inside and out, and the only way I can do that is to model it for her.  That means my stinky self esteem has got to go.  I haven't lost all (or much) of the baby weight.  I am doughy, and I hate that.  But I have great hair and I'm damn good at makeup and I have a sense of style that isn't just workout pants and a hoodie.  

Can't wait to share my own thrifted and vintage finds with you in weeks to come...and my proud mama strut.

me on wedding celebration morning, out to breakfast. 
vintage short sleeved red cardi, plaid top (?), Target skirt and socks, my favorite Frye engineer boots, vintage Dooney and Bourke bag

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