Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thrifty Mama Finds

I love a good deal.  It makes me giddy.  Part of why I love vintage/thrifting so much is really because it's a treasure hunt.  And because I'm cheap.  Well, not really.  I consider myself a generous person.  But we are a family on a tight budget, so I know I have to be frugal.  But I also love being fashionable.  And I love dressing Aurora up!

From the moment people found out I was having a girl, the comments about clothes and vintage never ended.  Of course the baby would be the newest addition to the Miskabelle crew--baby Miskabelle! She would be my little fashion plate. And I love seeing her in vintage stuff.  But I get just as excited about a really good contemporary find from kids' stores like Gymboree, The Children's Place, and Gap Kids.  To some people, those places might not seem "expensive," but to me, the clothes are gorgeous, but overpriced. They're just not within my budget.  And in an even further extreme, does my baby really need a Marc Jacobs hoodie? I think I'd rather put those extra dollars in a college fund for her, or into something that she won't grow out of in three days. (Go ahead, call me snarky.  It would be the truth. But it seriously bugs me.)

Some of my favorite pieces in Aurora's current wardrobe have come from a huge thrift store here in VA.  I can't tell you the number of times I've purchased things with tags still on!  And yesterday was no exception.  I was super excited about this find:

It's a Hanna Anderrson lined fleece with a little elf hood and furry trim!  And it still had the tags on it!  $48 and I paid $9.99. It's super soft and warm, perfect for the weather we're having.  I practically skipped out of the store and couldn't wait to try it on Aurora, so I took her for a walk (in our yard sale purchased umbrella stroller).

Sometimes, you need to spend the money.  It was my freshman year of college and the denim jacket was HUGE and I needed this particular one at the Gap.  I shelled out $48 (a crazy amount for me at that time) to have it, didn't wait for it to go on sale, and I wore it for years.  Those classic things you'll use forever are worth it.  And of course sometimes it's okay to splurge with something that oozes cuteness.  But in a world that consumes and consumes and consumes, I like the idea of doing my part and recycling or rescuing perfectly good clothing from the trash.  It's good for my heart, good for my wallet, good for my baby.  I think that's a win.

And so does she. (Can you see her two bottom teeth peeking out?! Beyooooooond cute.)

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