Friday, July 16, 2010

Adventures in Pregnancy: Volume 1

Pregnancy brings on all kinds of changes, emotions and oddities…some you read about all the time and some that might come as a surprise.  This morning was certainly interesting…and at Amanda’s suggestion I decided to share [with embarrassment] in a blog.

In prepping for my upcoming weekend trip to D.C./VA to visit the sis (see our other blog for more deets: I decided to take the day off.  We had a pretty great week of sales on Miskabelle and I saved all the wrapping/packaging for this morning.    I happily wrapped each box in brown paper then stacked them up and stepped back to admire, like a proud parent.  I snapped a pic with my phone to send to Amanda AND to my hubby AND to twitter. “Should be an interesting trip to the post office all by myself,” I tweeted.   Little did I know…

It was a queasy kind of morning (as usual) so as I sang along with my iTunes tracklist (rapping along with Drake, belting to Jonatha Brooke, grooving to some Elton John….), wrapping up our week’s purchases, I sort of only managed to choke down a couple bites of yogurt.  But….that’s not so unusual.  I finished wrapping, threw on my sundress and off to the post office I went.

I managed to get my stack of boxes into the post office without a hitch.  I stood filling out some international packing slips (Canada, United Kingdom, Australia).  I stood watching the post office worker weigh the packages.  I stood making small talk about vintage clothing.  I stood…..starting to feel a little queasy <’you’re fine….you’re fine….almost done…you can do it….’>  Nope.  Couldn’t do it.  I suddenly was seeing stars and grasping the counter for dear life.  “I think I’m gonna pass out.”  Sitting down on the floor of the post office I dry heaved.  Two sweet ladies in line behind me came to the rescue….one grabbing a trash can, the other holding my hair.  The poor post office worker offered me crackers in a panic and graciously brought me a glass of water.  What an adventure.  At some point I think I mentioned being pregnant and luckily this gets major sympathy points—especially from those who have been through it.  Mommies love sharing their battle stories.  I feel so thankful that us moms/moms-to-be have that connection!  I was truly embarrassed but felt comfort in someone else’s “I’ve been there” story.

Yeah….that was my first major adventure in pregnancy.  So next time we have a big week of sales….I will shut up and take my stack of boxes to the post office sans brag-y tweets and texts.  I have learned my lesson! #karma

Humbly yours,


eviandesign said...

you are the cutest.

Jen said...

Sounds like your 'almost moment' of sickness @ The Breakfast Place! Poor girl...just think about how much this baby will be worth it tho!! I can't wait to be and aunt.