Wednesday, July 7, 2010

WEEK 15: Feelin’ Fruity

Ah, the joys of pregnancy.  When a woman finds out she is expecting I think the second most anticipated part of pregnancy (the first being the actual little baby that comes 9 months later!) is the baby bump—at least it was for me.  Now at 15 weeks along, I am finally seeing my belly grow a bit….but not to a point where anyone else  can tell (besides the hubby, who points it out with a smile and head shake every chance he gets).  According to the books, my baby is currently the size of an apple.  So my challenge now is to hide that little apple.  No offense little babe, but I’d rather strangers not mistaken me for a girl who likes to partake in excess of keg beer on the weekends. 
High waisted skirts have been a godsend (good-bye overexposure of hip bones and below-the-belly-button-midriffs…though I must admit I did hop on that trend back in my flat bellied high school days).  Both Amanda and I are undeniable pear shapes—small waists and round bottoms (I suppose Amanda could be considered more of an hour glass since she has more to offer on top…especially after the birth of Miss Aurora! *please God let this be my destiny as well*).  The high waisted a-line skirt accentuates a small waist and disguises a booty….the perfect formula for us pears….especially us pears trying to hide apples!

In this photo:  Vintage High Waist Chambray Skirt (altered to a mini), Vintage Pale Yellow Skinny Belt, Old Navy Lace Neck Tank, Vintage Red Flats (from

I must admit once I am home for the evening I like to let “the apple” show….so I wear snug tank tops.  I’m still not at a point where I feel okay wearing them in public, but if I did here is how my current 15 week baby belly would appear:

In this photo: Vintage Denim Vest (buy it a, American Apparel Tank Dress, Michael Stars Leggings, Forever21 Gladiator Wedges

Believe it or not ladies, these photos were taken on the SAME DAY!  So like I said before—hallelujah to high waisted skirts!  You do our bodies good…. at least while you still fit.



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This entry made me LOL. You are so cute, J ! It's weird not seeing you with a flat tummy anymore !