Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week 28: Now entering the THIRD Trimester!

Why hello there, third trimester! I thought we’d never meet.  Time has been dragging and I was beginning to feel as though I was going to be forever trapped in the second trimester.  Now here you are.  The marking point of the last three months I must endure till I can meet my little girl.  Rumor has it, you are the quickest of the three trimesters….but so far, I’ve found that no one’s experience with pregnancy can really be trusted as tried and true.  Everyone is different.  So I’m just t gonna take it day by day. 

Despite the abundance of kicking and movement, it’s still hard to image that my little belly is carrying a baby the size of [according to babycenter.com] a Chinese cabbage.  I love Andrew’s astonished reactions when the baby girl gives a big poke.  Usually it’s a “Whoooa!!”…..and sometimes it’s an “Ewww….!!”—which is understandable-- it is a bit strange to imagine a miniature person swimming in my belly.

 It has been a rainy and miserable past couple of days--definitely too soggy to take photos outdoors today.  Luckily we invested in some studio lighting for our shop a while back, so I made good use of it today.  I love pulling on a dress or top and seeing how it hugs my belly just right.  We’ve had this dress for a while, but there’s a small stain I need to take care of before we list it for sale.  Oh, and once I tried it on I decided to chop off some length….so it will eventually need hemmed as well!

I’m off to cook up a quick batch of potato soup—I’m in dire need of something warm and savory to perk me up on this gloomy evening!  BTW, are you following this blog?  If not, you should!  We are planning some awesome giveaways for October that you won’t want to miss!

In these photos:  Vintage baby blue boucle dress, tan heels (brand unknown…I think I paid $6 for 
them at a discount store!), vintage and gifted bracelets