Sunday, October 10, 2010

Baby C’s Nursery: DIY #3

I’ve come to the conclusion that the color combo I’ve chosen for baby’s nursery is not super common and making it difficult to find cool pieces for in the room. However, this does give me a little kick in the butt to create the perfect accents on my own.
The room has an overhead light but I imagine waking in the night to baby cries and turning on a dim-lit little lamp rather than the bright glare of the ceiling lighting. I found this plain white lamp at Target, on sale for just $14 (I believe it was part of their “back to school” dorm room stuff). I love the little string pull switch and the brushed silver goes with the 50’s-ish vibe of the dresser I re-finished.

I gathered up some cheap ribbon from a discount store and Jo-Ann Fabrics (originally I wanted a variety of widths…but being on a budget, I decided to stick with the 99 cent rolls, which are mostly all the same width, oh well).

 I also invested (by invested I mean $3.99….these days, that is an investment for me!) in some fabric glue: Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac. That stuff is pretty amazing--goes on similar to hot glue, but without the mess and heat.

The project was pretty easy-peasy:
1. I measured out my strips of ribbon.

2. Next I glued one strip along the top edge and one along the bottom edge (I used a more ruffled edge ribbon for the top and bottom and let the scalloped edges kind of peek over the edges of the lampshade).
3. I then measured out where to put the next piece and just dotted with a pencil, the whole way around the lampshade, about an inch away from the first ribbon strip (NOTE: got a little lazy with this step and tried to just eye it for the rest, but in hindsight wish I would’ve been more tedious! Some rows are bit skewed—learn from my mistakes!).

4. I finished off, varying the distance between rows and just gluing on my ribbon pieces.

And there you have it! Looks pretty fancy for a $14 lamp, huh?


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