Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 30: The Countdown Begins

So.  10 weeks to go.  Here’s the part where I start periodically saying, “I can’t believe I only have [fill in number here] weeks left before my due date!”

If you follow Miskabelly on Twitter you may have noticed my repetitive grumblings about being super distracted and unable to concentrate on my work at my day job (oh, and if you’re not following me on Twitter…click here to do so!).  It has seriously become a problem.  I’ve got baby on the brain like you wouldn’t believe!  It doesn’t help that this little girl is kicking and turning and poking at me all day long.  I love those little kicks—they let me know she’s doing okay in there.  But they’re also a constant reminder that I’ve got a baby on board and the desk I sit at everyday and the computer screen I stare out for hours on end are about to be a thing of the past (eek!).  Times they are a’changin’ around these parts.  As I get closer to my due date…and my last day at work, Amanda and I are busting our butts to get the Miskabelle/Miskabelly ball rolling.  We’re stocking up the shops, setting up more giveaways, looking for publicity and all this while we still are going about our regular lives and jobs.  It is a LOT of work.  And also a LOT of fun.  We’re building a mini empire for our baby girls.

This week I let Andrew in on some of the self-timer photo fun.  I love how we captured a moment, even with no one behind the camera!  That guy makes me so freakin happy—as you can see in the photos.
In these photos:
Jayme’s wearing- tan sweater (not sure of the brand?), leggings from target, bow socks from Target, vintage cowboy boots, vintage head scarf.
Andrew’s wearing- black polo shirt by Penguin, corduroy pants from Gap, Havaiana flip flops.

We can't wait to be parents!


P.S. We're starting from scratch on Top Baby Blogs (they reset their counters) and would LOVE if you would click twice to vote for us!  Our goal is to be on the front page someday.  :)
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Mandy said...

You are such a cute pregnant lady! And you look great at 30 weeks! I am 20 weeks today!

sarah said...

oh my goodness! you two (three!) look SO cute.

Amrita said...

Aww, you two (three) are so sweet ! You're so close now, J -- so excited for you !! :)

Sarah said...

Ah! i'm so glad i found your blog - followed it from Dear Baby :) Plus I had already been checking out your etsy shop - i'm a little under 4months preggo and love your stuff!

steph said...

I just found your blog, and it's so cute! I'm 31 weeks pregnant, and feel the same way. I'm stuck between panicking at only having 9 weeks left and not believing that I have a whole nine weeks left.

Maggie May said...

Congratulations, you look wonderful! I am 34 weeks pregnant also with a little girl :) and very excited to meet her :)

Jayme/Miskabelly said...

Thank you!! YOU are quite the cute pregnant lady too! (just checked out your blog :)

Jayme/Miskabelly said...

Thank you miss Evian!! And dang...your shop is looking good (and doing SO well)! Congrats lady!

Jayme/Miskabelly said...

Merci Amrita! Yes...I suppose I can stop complaining about how slow time has been moving now!

Jayme/Miskabelly said...

Thank you Sarah! Oh...don't you just LOVE Dear Baby? Keep checking the shop--we're hoping to add lots of great new stuff in the next week or two!

Jayme/Miskabelly said...

Thanks Steph--and congrats to you! Yes...people keep saying time will fly by at the end and I guess it's going fast, just not fast ENOUGH! haha

Jayme/Miskabelly said...

@Maggie May
Congrats (and lucky you...you have 4 weeks on me! haha). Just glanced at your blog and saw the article about healthy eating-- I'm eating gluten free and it's been a struggle between--will gluten consumption hurt my baby vs. will not eating ENOUGH hurt my baby...etc. Thank goodness our bodies tell us what we need and baby takes top priority for anything we consume... but I totally relate to your struggle! Excited to have found your blog. : )

Short Leg Lucy said...

Oh my word!! You have the cutest baby bump ever!! Very excited to have found your blog :]

Jayme/Miskabelly said...

@Short Leg Lucy
Aww...thanks! Just checked out your profile-- loving your Shutter Mama blog! Such gorgeous photos. I just voted for you on TBB ;)