Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 31: It’s all about ME

Sitting at my computer, I’m really stumped about what to write about this week.  Pregnancy is certainly far from mundane….I suppose it’s just SO far from mundane that I’m not sure what to share right now that wouldn’t scare some of our readers!  Body changes, mood changes, weird dreams, crazy thoughts… I’m honestly starting to forget what I was like before I had a bun in the oven—when my belly wasn’t constantly itchy from the stretching skin, when I didn’t cry at commercials [as often], when I didn’t wake up twice a night to go pee, when my biggest concern in the world was what to cook the hubby for dinner.   I feel like being pregnant has made me SO self-concerned.  It’s really all I talk about.  I’m constantly complaining to poor Andrew about my aches and pains.  Every little change in my body, I’m running to the computer to google if it’s normal.  So, I’m super anxious to have this little baby so I can cast all my [own] cares away and focus on her.  Even though it is kinda nice getting a little extra attention that comes with having a baby bump.

This weekend is my baby shower!  Amanda and my mom are throwing it for me—my one request was that I didn’t have to be involved in planning.  I loathe party planning.  From what I’ve heard it will be vintage-themed (of course!).  Keep your eyes peeled for Amanda’s blog entry, documenting the shindig!

 In these photos:  white tank from Target, vintage vest (for sale on Miskabelle), grey maxi skirt (thrifted, not vintage), black braided sandals by Dolce Vida, vintage/other jewelry

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Oh she gonna be a mother. is it a boy or girl?
Mickey Buarao