Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week 23: What’s in a name…

I’m not ashamed to admit:  years before I even I was even planning on having a baby I would daydream of the perfect name for the non-existent little one.  When Andrew and I decided to start trying for a babe I even made a memo in my blackberry to keep track of names as I thought of them. 
As I mentioned in my last weekly entry….I really thought my bun the oven was a boy.  And I must confess—we even had THE perfect boy name picked out (ok…and we even half-jokingly referred to my baby bump as that name a few times…).  [I’m not telling the name because we do still plan on using it if we have a baby boy in the future!]  SO we had to go back to the drawing board when we found out a baby girl was on the way.  There are sooooo many requirements when choosing a baby name (male or female!)…at least for me (a surprisingly over-the-top Type A personality…despite the fact that I also consider myself an artist/creative type which just seems so contradictory).  The name can’t be too common; it can’t be too weird; it can’t remind of me of someone I don’t like; it must sound good with our last name; it must be able to go with our chosen middle name; the initials can’t spell something derogatory…..etc. etc. etc. 
Well, we finally found the perfect name that suits our little babe (I’m not into the whole “we won’t know until we see them in person” thing—unless you’re not finding out the sex ahead of time.  I mean really—you think your baby is going to have THAT much personality in the first hour of its life that the name choice will be affected?  And furthermore—I think the person makes the name not vise versa).  I remember when Amanda was preggers and how awkward it was when people were hounding her to tell them the name she chose (because she was trying to keep it somewhat secret) and man do I sympathize now.  People just seem to be able to guilt you into revealing the name!  I also happen to be a pushover…so this is really a struggle for me.  So far I have told every single person that has asked.  And so far I haven’t gotten the best feedback.  I really really love our baby girl’s name--it’s not super common, it’s not super weird, and I feel like it just sounds like something Andrew and I would choose (I gotta say—Andrew thought of it!).  But the reactions!  People give polite smiles and exclamations of “Cute!”….but I’m still not convinced that anyone loves the name as much as we do….which has led to momentary doubts and twinges of disappointment/unsure-ness.  So silly!  Can I really expect that anyone will love the name as much as we do…or even love this little babe as much as we do?  So I’m sticking to my guns.  The name is set in stone—I mean, it’s just too fun talking to my belly and calling it by name to quit now.

Side note:  Our etsy shop launches TOMORROW!  We already have some pretty adorable vintage maternity and baby clothes posted, so feel free to shop!  And not sure I’ve mentioned before—but these weekly photos all feature vintage clothes/accessories.  I try to wear at least one vintage piece (even if it’s just a scarf or belt!) when coming up with my outfit.  It’s getting harder as my belly grows…but I’m committing to keep it up!  This blog is, after all, for vintage lovin’ mamas and mamas-to-be!


P.S.  If you see me, don't feel bad about asking about the name we chose (I really don't mind telling!).  But sorry folks, I won't be announcing the name until the little gal is here!!  Gotta keep the suspense up so you keep reading! ; )
In these photos:  vintage pleated clock-print skirt (worn as a dress) from Miskabellebuy it now!, vintage white brass buckle menswear belt, cork wedge sandals from Charlotte Russe

Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Run-down

So the title's a little play on words....feeling TOTALLY run down from this weekend and wanted to give you a little rundown of the past couple days--and share some photos (I am in LOVE with Manda's new DSLR camera...).
As we've been hyping for the past few months--Miskabelly launches on Wednesday!  So Manda came to PA to visit and tie up some loose ends (take photos of merchandise, plan our packaging, etc.).  Of course Aurora was along (and the daddy-o, Q).  Can I just say...that little lady is the cutest baby EVER!  I can't imagine my little-girly-on-the-way could possibly be as cute...we will have to wait and see. ; )
me and Rora, playin her drum!
I love how much she giggles now...but she definitely has a soft spot for her momma and daddy.  They can always get her to crack a smile!!

Anyway...just wanted an excuse to show off my niece and share some of the photos I took when I highjacked Manda's camera this weekend!  I'm exhausted...and have to get mentally prepared for the big week ahead!  Stay tuned tomorrow for the regularly scheduled blog (WEEK 23!).

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Andrew and I getting our practice in!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Week 22: Time to get a little sappy

Well, I’m still basking in the joy of finding out that we are having a baby girl!  I have to admit that I was SURE we were having a boy…I thought my “motherly” instincts were right on.  So when the ultrasound tech matter-of-factly stated “Eez a girl.” (the tech is Russian and kind of unemotional/cold) I just laid there and said “Okkk.” I couldn’t even LOOK at Andrew.  I held back tears in the waiting room (we had a doctor’s appt. right after the ultrasound) and I just felt kind of strange.  Now I know, pregnancy hormones have certainly turned me into a bit of crazy lady but there was something really bothering me.  I didn’t care if we had a boy or a girl.  I was super excited just to be having a healthy baby.  But I guess a teeny tiny part of me was falling in love with the thought of having a mini Andrew running around.
Let me give you a little run down about Andrew, the hubby and daddy-to-be.  Andrew was my 9th grade crush.  Mousy little me, with my beanpole frame and oversized glasses swooned from afar for the handsome, blonde boy in my math class.  We had never spoken (we both were and are pretty shy) but there was something about him.  [He hates when I tell people about this] I even asked him to the spring dance that year (to which he turned me down for other sports-related plans).  In 11th grade I found myself yet again, in math class with the boy.  No intentions of pursuing him (though I had ditched the glasses and gained some self-esteem), to my surprise I found out he was now interested in ME.  We have been inseparable ever since.  Andrew and I often get described as the “perfect” couple…with the “perfect” life and the “perfect” relationship.  And I usually brush it off with an “oh, puh-leeze”…but really, it’s quite true.  In fact, shame on me for ever discounting the fact when people comment on how happy Andrew and I are together. 
SO…back to the scene in the waiting room.  There I sat, being a brat, pouting about having a perfect baby girl.  I realize now it’s because I love my husband SO SO much.  I really thought he secretly wanted a boy and part of me felt like he was disappointed (not because he had any sort of negative reaction, just because like I said before…I am a crazy lady).  I loved the idea of having another Andrew around—with the big smile and the blonde hair and the broad shoulders…the silly sense of humor, selfless attitude, kind heart…etc. etc. etc.  But no worries--I have since gotten over it!  Andrew has assured me he is JUST as excited to have a little girl as a he would be to have a boy and the more we talk about her and pick out names and nursery colors the more anxious we get to meet her!  But I still hope she is just like her daddy.

(Speaking of all the things I love about my hubby…..another is that he agrees to photograph me each week for this blog—and he’s quite good at it!  This week he was working late so I had to resort to using a self-timer to take photos of myself… 190 pictures later (!!crazy lady, people!!), I luckily found a few that I could use here. )

 In these photos:  black stretch pencil skirt by Free People (which is totally going to become my maternity-clothes staple!), fuchsia tank from Target, vintage southwestern print shirt (worn as vest), vintage brown pixie boots

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Mama Moment #3: Out of Balance.

I am fully aware that it's been two weeks since I did a Post-Baby Body Challenge blog.  Last week I was on vacation, and this week...I need to press pause.

I realized that even when I was 30 pounds lighter, I was never "satisfied" with my body.  Maybe I get too brainwashed by all my involvement in fashion and blogs.  But after three weeks of working on my body, I started getting too strict with myself, and rather than feeling encouraged, I felt overwhelmed and discouraged.

This is not me giving up.  This is me, taking a little break and prioritizing my time (workouts are a little low on that list right now). I'm still working on myself--my personal development is a little more important than my physical development.  And that's okay.  Everyone talks about balance, and living a balanced life, but when does that EVER happen?  Life is about seasons and moments--for me, it's about passion.  My life is out of balance right now because I'm so in love with Q and Aurora.  There's nothing wrong with that.  I'm going to revel in it until the next season comes.  Maybe the next season will include intense daily workouts, but right now, it's just not in the cards.

As of Sunday, I will be working two jobs, on top of Miskabelle (and the launch of Miskabelly, THIS WEEKEND!).  I have a million things to do to change my name, driver's license, address, insurance, etc. now that I'm back living in Virginia.  We are having our wedding celebration in a little over a month, and I'm way behind in the planning process.  Last night, I started to freak out--I felt the weight of the world and it was crushing me.

Remember how I talked about giving my body grace?  Well, I need to learn how to give myself grace too.  I am a great mom. I am doing everything I can to be able to stay at home with Aurora, even though I don't love what I'm doing right now all the time.  I have been blessed to find these opportunities to work from home.  We're blessed to be able to keep working with Miskabelle and Miskabelly. I'm blessed to be spending the rest of my life with the most amazing man and father I have ever met.  I am blessed to be healthy and happy.

 Rora sharing her teething cookie w/ Daddy

Yes, I'm happy.  My life is not perfect.  My body is definitely not perfect.  But I am happy.

I'm still wanting to get in better shape for the wedding party, so I can feel my best.  I still want to make healthy choices.  I just have to fit these things in when I can.  I'm remembering this idea that I heard in a sermon once at church--about giving up the good things to make room for the best things.  I am surrounding myself with the best things right now.

Back to some me-time now as Aurora naps.  Excitedly awaiting Jayme's 22 week blog this evening!

Thanks for your encouragement about the body challenge--I hope I'm equally able to encourage all of you.  Live your life a little out of balance--that's where real joy comes from.
me, with my little lovebug in Cape May

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's a......

Today was the big day....we found out the sex of our little babe!  My stomach was in knots all morning and I was mentally prepared for the fact that we STILL might not find out for sure....if the baby was being shy (like it's mama) or the angle wasn't definitive enough to tell for  sure.  Well folks...though the little one was curled up in an [adorable] little ball so we couldn't see the face...we did get a full butt view, displaying on the important parts!  (phew....deep breaths....getting a little emotional writing about this!)

Looks like us Miska ladies have a strong X chromosome....because Andrew and I are having a baby GIRL!  I'm sure everyone assumes that this is what I secretly wanted (coming from a family of 2 girls and being quite the girly myself) but both Andrew and I SO didn't care either way, we honestly just feel so blessed and excited to have this new addition to our family.
Now onto to nursery planning....stay tuned--I've already collected a TON of photos for inspiration and ideas that I will be sharing.
Yay for babies!!!


PS--added a little slideshow of my growing belly, check it out:

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Week 21: The Kid in Me (literally and figuratively)

I know it’s only mid-August, but I can already feel that feeling in the air.  You know what I’m talking about—the anticipation of the change of seasons (cooler weather, leaves changing colors), the start of the new school year (back to structured schedules or better yet, back to school shopping).  It’s been years since I’ve been in school (next year marks 10 years since I’ve graduated high school (!) and my last semester of college was fall of 2004) but there is just something about this year.  Not sure if it’s a mid-pregnancy crisis, but I find myself feeling like a kid again…looking forward to September.  Okay, so I’ve also kind of been acting like a kid as well.  Last night my husband came home to me in pigtail braids (c’mon people….get your head out of the gutter.  It was super humid and my hair was just unruly!).  

Then today at work I looked over at my morning mini-buffet and realized: I was drinking a Capri Sun, and eating Kix and fruit snacks.  Furthermore, my [other] guilty pleasure lately (hello, pregnancy cravings!) has been:  vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce and….sprinkles (I like the added texture, so sue me!).  Well, this week we will find out who’s been enjoying my little flashback diet – a little boy or a little girl (hopefully!  unless the little one’s being shy).   So rather than back to school shopping, you can bet your bottom that I will be baby nursery shopping.  And don’t be surprised if I’m munching on some animal crackers along the way.

Happy Snacking!

In these photos:  polka dot dress by Kimchi & Blue (from a consignment shop), vintage scarf (worn as belt), vintage silver bracelets, black fringe sandals (though the outfit would totally look better with some cute red shoes, huh?)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Miska[belly] Ladies

Since getting knocked up (hmm...does that sound too harsh?  I'm getting bored with typing "being pregnant") I've been super interested in hearing about other womens' experiences.  I'm lucky that I got to get a sort of second-hand experience, watching Amanda's pregnancy so recently (Aurora was born in February).  It's really nice to have someone to call when I have questions, complaints, woes....
The other day I decided to grill my mom a bit on her experiences with being pregnant (when did she start 'showing', how long did she breast feed for, how much weight did she gain, etc.).  I then proceeded to dig through old photos looking for pictures of my mom as a momma-to-be.  I came across this picture of her when she was about 5 months pregnant with Amanda (...which just so happened to be on the morning of her wedding--which is why her hair is in curlers and she is holding a bottle of champagne!  No worries...she wasn't drinking the booze, just taking it to the reception for the toast!).  I knew we had done some pictures of Amanda in a similar plaid shirt when she was pregnant and thought it'd be kind of cool for me to join in on the flannel-love.
Manda is closer to 6 months in this photo.  But I love seeing these 3 photos together.  I love that we all look so much alike (even sans the plaid).  And in general, I just LOVE these ladies!  I'm pretty blessed to have both an older sister and a mom that I am so close with.  And I gotta say we are all pretty darn cute pregnant ladies.
Oh, and we're kinda cute even when we're NOT knocked up....

Sounds conceited, but my mom is a babe (she often gets mistaken for being a third sister!) and my sister is gorgeous so I figure it's good genes all around.  Miska's make cute babies (>> um, hello...see pic of Aurora Jaymes on the right >>). Can't wait to how I pass on the genes to my little one!


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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Week 20: We’re Halfway There, Baby.

I’m feeling awfully pregnant these days.  Funny, because today marks the day that I have been pregnant for 5 months.  The baby movements have become more frequent—so much so that me and Andrew’s morning routine now includes laying in bed for a couple minutes with hands on my belly, greeting the baby before we get up.  I also must admit that I was quite shocked to see my round belly in these photos.  The change has been so gradual; I almost can’t even notice it when I look in the mirror.  So yes folks, this means I will stop whining about not having a baby bump from here on out.

This is probably the first summer in my life where I’m wishing the days away.  My knack for spending hours in the sun (so much so that my family would call me the “sun-worshipper”) has vanished.  The heat is no longer my friend…and I’ve accepted the fact that I won’t be developing any sort of tan lines this summer.  And then there’s the obvious—once summer is over, autumn is here and then comes winter…and then comes baby. 

While in Vermont this past week, I did a little vintage shopping to add to our Miskabelly inventory for the upcoming August launch.  Along the way I found the dress I’m wearing in these photos, as well as a floor-length, bell-sleeved, empire-waist dress from the 70’s that will be so super fun to wear this fall…totally bohemian mama-to-be.  So here’s to summer coming to a close, fun things to look forward to in autumn, and the halfway point to a winter baby.

In these photos:  vintage lavender crochet neckline dress, vintage stretchy belt, 
Seychelles wicker wedge sandals (thrifted) 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Post-Baby Body Challenge, Week 3

I am making no excuses, but this week was totally out of whack.  It wasn't a complete failure and I'm not giving up.  I was laid up with bad cramps for two days and the third day we had a crazy storm here, so we lost power for 24 hours, and I couldn't go outside.  Kind of messes up some of the workout/eating goals that I set.  But i persevered over the weekend and am ready for a great week!  Beach on Saturday, which means: it's crunch time (not actual crunches...well, maybe)!  I decided (along with Q) that my tummy is definitely looking flatter.  I was also able to fit into a skirt that I had shrunk a bit in the dryer.  And I'm happy to see some of my goals become habits (the water thing) and my attitude toward exercise becoming more positive.

Here's the lowdown:
No snacks after 8pm
I had a healthy snack Monday night, after our P90X workout (it's an hour long and we did it all!) and I had food/dinner Saturday night for a friend's party (that didn't start 'til 8).
Drink a glass of water before any other drink
I did well, except for the 24 hours the power was out, and we had no ice/filtered water.
One high-protein meal each day; breakfast (omelette or scrambled eggs w/ veggies), lunch (salad w/ protein), or dinner (protein main dish and low-starch side dishes). Did it!   Was way easier than I imagined:  scrambled eggs, caprese salad, steaks on the grill and zucchini, mango, chicken and red quinoa salad from TJ's, a delicious burrito bowl (sans rice) from Chipotle, chicken with garlic sauce from Lebanese Taverna...yum.  I'm sticking with this goal.
New: A fruit or veggie with every meal.
Two P90X workouts w/ Q  One P90X and one run.  Just okay.
Three walks with Aurora  I only got one real walk in, though we walked her around the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning (where Q and I shared an ah-mazing banana, coconut and Nutella crepe!).  The weather really messed things up.

New:  Toning exercises on off-workout days:  Arms.  Push-ups and weights. EPIC FAIL:  I totally forgot I set this goal and I never did it.  So we're leaving it in for this week.

Morning pages at least 4 days  I did two days, but I also wrote a whole fiction piece in preparation for SPARK! Round 9, so I'm pretty pleased with myself.
Two computer-free evenings once Q gets home...no email, no Facebook, no blogging, no grading!  It's harder than you might think.  We had Monday and Saturday (and Thursday, by force, since we didn't have power!).  It was a good week. ;)
New:  Meet up with a good friend (hopefully to write!) this week.

So here are the pictures...taken with our new camera, purchased this weekend (life without a DSLR was tough).  I'm not sure you can tell a difference in my belly, but I feel good, and that's what matters:

I don't typically wear red lipstick to work out, but I wore some out to dinner and it's the stay-put kind, so...don't judge.

It's P90X time...it's become Q and I's Monday night tradition, getting our asses kicked.  It's starting to feel good.


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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Week 19: A Little R&R

This is just gonna be a quickie update....seeing as I'm on vacation (finally!).  We are spending the week in Vermont, where Andrew's family has a house on Lake Champlain.  I think I can get used to this whole R&R thing.  All my nasty pregnancy woes seemed to have flown out the window.  My blue mood is lifted and I'm eating like a champ (which could also be the fact that Andrew's mom has filled the job of that "personal chef" that I have been wanting...at least for the week!  She stocked up on gluten free goods and has made us some delicious dinners.).  So at week 19, things are looking up for me!  Resting and relaxing does a mama-to-be good.


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In these photos: vintage tee (my mom's circa 1980), vintage men's leather belt, cut off shorts, Havaianas flip flops
...And Lake Champlain!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Post-Baby Body Challenge, Week 2

Hello everyone!

Here I am, checking in with Week 2 of the Post-Baby Body Challenge!  I feel really good about the first week--I achieved (almost) all my goals.  I'm sticking with these goals, and adding new ones to them:

No snacks after 8pm
I did this every night, except last night, since it was the end of the week, I treated myself to a small cup of Trader Joe's pomegranate/blueberry sherbet. Yum!  This task was a little more difficult than I thought, not because I snack a lot late at night, but because I have been doing my workouts later at night, once Rora is asleep, and after a hard workout, I can get pretty hungry.
Drink a glass of water before any other drink
100% hydrated all week!  I have to say that I think I have had more energy ona regular basis because I'm drinking more water.

New:  One high-protein meal each day; breakfast (omelette or scrambled eggs w/ veggies), lunch (salad w/ protein), or dinner (protein main dish and low-starch side dishes).

Two P90X workouts w/ Q
Q had a stressful week, so we ended up only doing one P90X workout together....but I went for two jogs on my own!  I hate running (and I can't go very far since I'm out of shape!) but good music will always motivate me.  Right now I'm running to:  Sleigh Bells' Treats, The Black Keys' Brothers, and Florence+the Machine's Lungs.  Tons of good beats.
Three walks with Aurora  
I only got two walks in--it's been tough to plan around naps and errands and weather.  But no excuses, we need to get out more!

New:  Toning exercises on off-workout days:  Arms.  Push-ups and weights.

Morning pages at least 4 days 
I only got 2 days of writing in...Aurora has been a little feisty in the morning lately and when she goes down for a nap, I have to work.  I need to do better!

New:  Two computer-free evenings once Q gets home...no email, no Facebook, no blogging, no grading!  It's harder than you might think.

And the pics I'm sure you've all been waiting for, Week 2:

God, I'm such a pear.  Textbook.

Trying to stay positive--I give Q credit for taking my pics because they always put me in a bad mood.  But we're going to lighten that cloud with a boxing workout now.