Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Week 20: We’re Halfway There, Baby.

I’m feeling awfully pregnant these days.  Funny, because today marks the day that I have been pregnant for 5 months.  The baby movements have become more frequent—so much so that me and Andrew’s morning routine now includes laying in bed for a couple minutes with hands on my belly, greeting the baby before we get up.  I also must admit that I was quite shocked to see my round belly in these photos.  The change has been so gradual; I almost can’t even notice it when I look in the mirror.  So yes folks, this means I will stop whining about not having a baby bump from here on out.

This is probably the first summer in my life where I’m wishing the days away.  My knack for spending hours in the sun (so much so that my family would call me the “sun-worshipper”) has vanished.  The heat is no longer my friend…and I’ve accepted the fact that I won’t be developing any sort of tan lines this summer.  And then there’s the obvious—once summer is over, autumn is here and then comes winter…and then comes baby. 

While in Vermont this past week, I did a little vintage shopping to add to our Miskabelly inventory for the upcoming August launch.  Along the way I found the dress I’m wearing in these photos, as well as a floor-length, bell-sleeved, empire-waist dress from the 70’s that will be so super fun to wear this fall…totally bohemian mama-to-be.  So here’s to summer coming to a close, fun things to look forward to in autumn, and the halfway point to a winter baby.

In these photos:  vintage lavender crochet neckline dress, vintage stretchy belt, 
Seychelles wicker wedge sandals (thrifted) 


eviandesign said...

you look adorable. so healthy and pretty! and that dress looks great over that lil baby-bump!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful !!

Misty said...

You look beautiful!

Miskabelle said...

Thanks ladies! It's totally all because I have an awesome photographer. : )