Monday, August 9, 2010

Post-Baby Body Challenge, Week 3

I am making no excuses, but this week was totally out of whack.  It wasn't a complete failure and I'm not giving up.  I was laid up with bad cramps for two days and the third day we had a crazy storm here, so we lost power for 24 hours, and I couldn't go outside.  Kind of messes up some of the workout/eating goals that I set.  But i persevered over the weekend and am ready for a great week!  Beach on Saturday, which means: it's crunch time (not actual crunches...well, maybe)!  I decided (along with Q) that my tummy is definitely looking flatter.  I was also able to fit into a skirt that I had shrunk a bit in the dryer.  And I'm happy to see some of my goals become habits (the water thing) and my attitude toward exercise becoming more positive.

Here's the lowdown:
No snacks after 8pm
I had a healthy snack Monday night, after our P90X workout (it's an hour long and we did it all!) and I had food/dinner Saturday night for a friend's party (that didn't start 'til 8).
Drink a glass of water before any other drink
I did well, except for the 24 hours the power was out, and we had no ice/filtered water.
One high-protein meal each day; breakfast (omelette or scrambled eggs w/ veggies), lunch (salad w/ protein), or dinner (protein main dish and low-starch side dishes). Did it!   Was way easier than I imagined:  scrambled eggs, caprese salad, steaks on the grill and zucchini, mango, chicken and red quinoa salad from TJ's, a delicious burrito bowl (sans rice) from Chipotle, chicken with garlic sauce from Lebanese Taverna...yum.  I'm sticking with this goal.
New: A fruit or veggie with every meal.
Two P90X workouts w/ Q  One P90X and one run.  Just okay.
Three walks with Aurora  I only got one real walk in, though we walked her around the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning (where Q and I shared an ah-mazing banana, coconut and Nutella crepe!).  The weather really messed things up.

New:  Toning exercises on off-workout days:  Arms.  Push-ups and weights. EPIC FAIL:  I totally forgot I set this goal and I never did it.  So we're leaving it in for this week.

Morning pages at least 4 days  I did two days, but I also wrote a whole fiction piece in preparation for SPARK! Round 9, so I'm pretty pleased with myself.
Two computer-free evenings once Q gets email, no Facebook, no blogging, no grading!  It's harder than you might think.  We had Monday and Saturday (and Thursday, by force, since we didn't have power!).  It was a good week. ;)
New:  Meet up with a good friend (hopefully to write!) this week.

So here are the pictures...taken with our new camera, purchased this weekend (life without a DSLR was tough).  I'm not sure you can tell a difference in my belly, but I feel good, and that's what matters:

I don't typically wear red lipstick to work out, but I wore some out to dinner and it's the stay-put kind, so...don't judge.

It's P90X's become Q and I's Monday night tradition, getting our asses kicked.  It's starting to feel good.


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