Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Miska[belly] Ladies

Since getting knocked up (hmm...does that sound too harsh?  I'm getting bored with typing "being pregnant") I've been super interested in hearing about other womens' experiences.  I'm lucky that I got to get a sort of second-hand experience, watching Amanda's pregnancy so recently (Aurora was born in February).  It's really nice to have someone to call when I have questions, complaints, woes....
The other day I decided to grill my mom a bit on her experiences with being pregnant (when did she start 'showing', how long did she breast feed for, how much weight did she gain, etc.).  I then proceeded to dig through old photos looking for pictures of my mom as a momma-to-be.  I came across this picture of her when she was about 5 months pregnant with Amanda (...which just so happened to be on the morning of her wedding--which is why her hair is in curlers and she is holding a bottle of champagne!  No worries...she wasn't drinking the booze, just taking it to the reception for the toast!).  I knew we had done some pictures of Amanda in a similar plaid shirt when she was pregnant and thought it'd be kind of cool for me to join in on the flannel-love.
Manda is closer to 6 months in this photo.  But I love seeing these 3 photos together.  I love that we all look so much alike (even sans the plaid).  And in general, I just LOVE these ladies!  I'm pretty blessed to have both an older sister and a mom that I am so close with.  And I gotta say we are all pretty darn cute pregnant ladies.
Oh, and we're kinda cute even when we're NOT knocked up....

Sounds conceited, but my mom is a babe (she often gets mistaken for being a third sister!) and my sister is gorgeous so I figure it's good genes all around.  Miska's make cute babies (>> um, hello...see pic of Aurora Jaymes on the right >>). Can't wait to how I pass on the genes to my little one!


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Misty said...

Cute post! I remember the first time I met your fam (in Boalsburg on Memorial Day several years ago) and when I saw you talking to your mom, I definitely thought, "That must be Jayme's sister."