Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's a......

Today was the big day....we found out the sex of our little babe!  My stomach was in knots all morning and I was mentally prepared for the fact that we STILL might not find out for sure....if the baby was being shy (like it's mama) or the angle wasn't definitive enough to tell for  sure.  Well folks...though the little one was curled up in an [adorable] little ball so we couldn't see the face...we did get a full butt view, displaying on the important parts!  (phew....deep breaths....getting a little emotional writing about this!)

Looks like us Miska ladies have a strong X chromosome....because Andrew and I are having a baby GIRL!  I'm sure everyone assumes that this is what I secretly wanted (coming from a family of 2 girls and being quite the girly myself) but both Andrew and I SO didn't care either way, we honestly just feel so blessed and excited to have this new addition to our family.
Now onto to nursery planning....stay tuned--I've already collected a TON of photos for inspiration and ideas that I will be sharing.
Yay for babies!!!


PS--added a little slideshow of my growing belly, check it out:

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