Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Week 19: A Little R&R

This is just gonna be a quickie update....seeing as I'm on vacation (finally!).  We are spending the week in Vermont, where Andrew's family has a house on Lake Champlain.  I think I can get used to this whole R&R thing.  All my nasty pregnancy woes seemed to have flown out the window.  My blue mood is lifted and I'm eating like a champ (which could also be the fact that Andrew's mom has filled the job of that "personal chef" that I have been wanting...at least for the week!  She stocked up on gluten free goods and has made us some delicious dinners.).  So at week 19, things are looking up for me!  Resting and relaxing does a mama-to-be good.


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In these photos: vintage tee (my mom's circa 1980), vintage men's leather belt, cut off shorts, Havaianas flip flops
...And Lake Champlain!


wabi me said...

just discovered your sites and love the idea behind em as well as the blogs attached. your comment about wanting the "big preggo belly" made me laugh because I've had tons of comments about how not big my belly has been so far (though it's gettin up there now that I'm at 26wks. Fret not, it'll likely sneak up on you like it did me where you wake up one morning going up a couple belly sizes. then again, I've never been preggo before, so what do I know? :-)