Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Week 22: Time to get a little sappy

Well, I’m still basking in the joy of finding out that we are having a baby girl!  I have to admit that I was SURE we were having a boy…I thought my “motherly” instincts were right on.  So when the ultrasound tech matter-of-factly stated “Eez a girl.” (the tech is Russian and kind of unemotional/cold) I just laid there and said “Okkk.” I couldn’t even LOOK at Andrew.  I held back tears in the waiting room (we had a doctor’s appt. right after the ultrasound) and I just felt kind of strange.  Now I know, pregnancy hormones have certainly turned me into a bit of crazy lady but there was something really bothering me.  I didn’t care if we had a boy or a girl.  I was super excited just to be having a healthy baby.  But I guess a teeny tiny part of me was falling in love with the thought of having a mini Andrew running around.
Let me give you a little run down about Andrew, the hubby and daddy-to-be.  Andrew was my 9th grade crush.  Mousy little me, with my beanpole frame and oversized glasses swooned from afar for the handsome, blonde boy in my math class.  We had never spoken (we both were and are pretty shy) but there was something about him.  [He hates when I tell people about this] I even asked him to the spring dance that year (to which he turned me down for other sports-related plans).  In 11th grade I found myself yet again, in math class with the boy.  No intentions of pursuing him (though I had ditched the glasses and gained some self-esteem), to my surprise I found out he was now interested in ME.  We have been inseparable ever since.  Andrew and I often get described as the “perfect” couple…with the “perfect” life and the “perfect” relationship.  And I usually brush it off with an “oh, puh-leeze”…but really, it’s quite true.  In fact, shame on me for ever discounting the fact when people comment on how happy Andrew and I are together. 
SO…back to the scene in the waiting room.  There I sat, being a brat, pouting about having a perfect baby girl.  I realize now it’s because I love my husband SO SO much.  I really thought he secretly wanted a boy and part of me felt like he was disappointed (not because he had any sort of negative reaction, just because like I said before…I am a crazy lady).  I loved the idea of having another Andrew around—with the big smile and the blonde hair and the broad shoulders…the silly sense of humor, selfless attitude, kind heart…etc. etc. etc.  But no worries--I have since gotten over it!  Andrew has assured me he is JUST as excited to have a little girl as a he would be to have a boy and the more we talk about her and pick out names and nursery colors the more anxious we get to meet her!  But I still hope she is just like her daddy.

(Speaking of all the things I love about my hubby…..another is that he agrees to photograph me each week for this blog—and he’s quite good at it!  This week he was working late so I had to resort to using a self-timer to take photos of myself… 190 pictures later (!!crazy lady, people!!), I luckily found a few that I could use here. )

 In these photos:  black stretch pencil skirt by Free People (which is totally going to become my maternity-clothes staple!), fuchsia tank from Target, vintage southwestern print shirt (worn as vest), vintage brown pixie boots

Thanks all for voting us back to #50 on Top Baby Blogs!  We feel the love (and hope it will continue!). ;)



eviandesign said...

well i for one and very excited that it is going to be a girl! another little Jayme running around!
so glad to hear that mommy, daddy, and baby are doing so well!