Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week 23: What’s in a name…

I’m not ashamed to admit:  years before I even I was even planning on having a baby I would daydream of the perfect name for the non-existent little one.  When Andrew and I decided to start trying for a babe I even made a memo in my blackberry to keep track of names as I thought of them. 
As I mentioned in my last weekly entry….I really thought my bun the oven was a boy.  And I must confess—we even had THE perfect boy name picked out (ok…and we even half-jokingly referred to my baby bump as that name a few times…).  [I’m not telling the name because we do still plan on using it if we have a baby boy in the future!]  SO we had to go back to the drawing board when we found out a baby girl was on the way.  There are sooooo many requirements when choosing a baby name (male or female!)…at least for me (a surprisingly over-the-top Type A personality…despite the fact that I also consider myself an artist/creative type which just seems so contradictory).  The name can’t be too common; it can’t be too weird; it can’t remind of me of someone I don’t like; it must sound good with our last name; it must be able to go with our chosen middle name; the initials can’t spell something derogatory…..etc. etc. etc. 
Well, we finally found the perfect name that suits our little babe (I’m not into the whole “we won’t know until we see them in person” thing—unless you’re not finding out the sex ahead of time.  I mean really—you think your baby is going to have THAT much personality in the first hour of its life that the name choice will be affected?  And furthermore—I think the person makes the name not vise versa).  I remember when Amanda was preggers and how awkward it was when people were hounding her to tell them the name she chose (because she was trying to keep it somewhat secret) and man do I sympathize now.  People just seem to be able to guilt you into revealing the name!  I also happen to be a pushover…so this is really a struggle for me.  So far I have told every single person that has asked.  And so far I haven’t gotten the best feedback.  I really really love our baby girl’s name--it’s not super common, it’s not super weird, and I feel like it just sounds like something Andrew and I would choose (I gotta say—Andrew thought of it!).  But the reactions!  People give polite smiles and exclamations of “Cute!”….but I’m still not convinced that anyone loves the name as much as we do….which has led to momentary doubts and twinges of disappointment/unsure-ness.  So silly!  Can I really expect that anyone will love the name as much as we do…or even love this little babe as much as we do?  So I’m sticking to my guns.  The name is set in stone—I mean, it’s just too fun talking to my belly and calling it by name to quit now.

Side note:  Our etsy shop launches TOMORROW!  We already have some pretty adorable vintage maternity and baby clothes posted, so feel free to shop!  And not sure I’ve mentioned before—but these weekly photos all feature vintage clothes/accessories.  I try to wear at least one vintage piece (even if it’s just a scarf or belt!) when coming up with my outfit.  It’s getting harder as my belly grows…but I’m committing to keep it up!  This blog is, after all, for vintage lovin’ mamas and mamas-to-be!


P.S.  If you see me, don't feel bad about asking about the name we chose (I really don't mind telling!).  But sorry folks, I won't be announcing the name until the little gal is here!!  Gotta keep the suspense up so you keep reading! ; )
In these photos:  vintage pleated clock-print skirt (worn as a dress) from Miskabellebuy it now!, vintage white brass buckle menswear belt, cork wedge sandals from Charlotte Russe


daydreamme said...

So funny, your post reminds me of the thoughts that are running through my head right now. We're not going to find out the sex of our baby until it arrives, but I too have really strong feelings that it's going to be a boy and a few days ago someone commented that they thought my 13 week ultrasound looked like it would be a girl. Obviously, it was just speculations, but for a brief moment I was sad thinking it could be a girl, not because I don't want a girl, in fact, I would love a little girl. It was just weird thinking after all this time thinking it was a boy and even calling my belly by the boys name and having the boy name picked out for so long, I may not ever have a boy. It's all so weird and I don't even know if this makes sense. But I just wanted to let you know that I get where you are coming from.
Also, I've been a push over about telling people our names too. You NEVER get the reaction you want :)
Cute blog by the way!

Miskabelle said...

Yes...the joys of pregnancy...haha Thanks so much for sharing (and for reading!!) And congrats on your little one on the way!