Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lyla's First Concert

Life certainly changes once you have a baby.  The most noticeable change (well...second behind LACK OF SLEEP.  I'm using all caps because I can't stress enough how LITTLE sleep we get around here) is the loss of freedom/spontaneity.  Most evenings are spent at home where we have space for Lyla to crawl around and play, food and diapers on hand and privacy to nurse comfortably and not be self conscious if she decides to have a crying fit.
Our town was having a concert series this summer where each Thursday a cover band would come and play a show--for free, outdoors.  Artists covered included Journey, Elton John and this past Thursday, the Beatles.  We decided that because it was free (so if we needed to leave it wouldn't be a big deal) and outdoors (plenty of space to pace with a fussy baby) we would take back some of our pre-baby spontaneity and go.  It also helped that my parents decided to come along which meant extra helping hands (and they got us take-out to eat before the show)!

Note:  doting grandma in the background!
The result:  success!  Lyla loved seeing the band on stage (they even dressed up like the Beatles--wigs and all!) and she loved hearing the music.  It was perfect to display her new 'trick'--clapping.  And of course, she was a crowd pleaser, smiling at the other concert-goers.  As the sun went down, she got a little fussy.  I nursed her right to sleep and she slept through the last few songs, in daddy's arms.  Perfect.  Angel.

(click to enlarge)

I was so pleased with my gal.  I think this small success will give us the courage to do more outings with Lyla.  If not just for an excuse to dress her in a tutu again!



Kaitlyn said...

Awww, that is so sweet! Looks likes you guys had a wonderful time! Shes a beauty!

I can told understand where you are coming from with the LITTLE sleep. It gets better as they get older i promise! <3

In our sea of love

Jenarcissist @ the closet narcissist said...

Aww, so glad it went well!! Maybe she is a really musical kiddo? Earlier in my pregnancy when I was soooo nauseous all the time, sometimes the only thing that soothed it was music, especially when I was at a concert and could feel the rhythm pumping through my body. It might be silly to think it calmed her into not making me nauseous :), but music can be pretty powerful! Here's to your successful outing and many more to come!