Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Aurora Wore: The Maxi Skirt

I found this little tie dye skirt while thrifting, and while it looked like the length of an older toddler, the elastic waist seemed small. I thought it might work as a longer skirt on Aurora...and I was right! It was even cuter than I anticipated: I think you'll agree.

tank-hand-me-down, skirt-thrifted, shoes-Baby Gap (thrifted)
Aurora is once again between shoe sizes, which is so hard since she runs around all the time.  These little poka dot espadrille mary janes are a 5, and I see her only having another month in them (at least she'll have them for the beach!). They, of course, matched the outfit perfectly.  Only a cute little gal like this one can pull off tie-dye + polka dots.

You will also see Teddy in the photo. He's her security blanket.  If she wakes up in the middle of the night and can't find him, she cries, and says "Teeeeeeeeeeeeeedy, Teeeeeeeeeedy." Like she's searching for him in a game of hide and seek. Except when she does it, half-asleep, it admittedly sounds kind of creepy.  Still, we love Teddy, as he has made for many easy car rides and nights in a Pack n' Play in an unfamiliar bedroom (next week--the beach!).

Have a happy Tuesday!  We are on vacation countdown, so I feel like it's dragging...

Amanda and Aurora