Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lyla Style: Little Levi's

I love baby girls in ruffled frocks, white and pale pink, delicate floral prints.  I like things that make baby girls look really "baby-ish."  But there's also something undeniably cute about a tiny baby in "big girl" clothes.  Here is Lyla's version of 'hipster':  high waisted denim Levi's shorts, a logo t-shirt and ballet flats.

Some mama-made details top it off (a felt bow in the hair and a found ribbon used as a belt).

She is one sturdy little stander.  Daddy's finger tips are spotting her here (since the cement stairs are not the safest place for baby).

And here she is showing off her other new trick--clapping!  She hasn't quite got enough gusto in it to make a sound...but she will make the motion on cue (both if you tell her "clap clap!" or if you clap for her so she can mimic).  She also waves.  Little smarty. [Excuse the dirty knees... apparently I need to mop our floors!]

hair bow-made by mama, shirt-Carters, shorts-Levi's (vintage?), belt- found piece of ribbon, shoes- Baby Gap
A special thank you to 'Dada' for being in these photos with Lyla!  I was in full-on mama mode yesterday which means:  I hadn't showered and was still in my comfy morning walk outfit with a messy bun on my head.  He's cuter than me anyway.  ; )

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

That belt is so cute!


Yellow Finch Designs said...

i want her little shoes! adorable :)

april@gingerbread said...

seriously? oh em gee...those shoes are soooo cute! makes wanna girl!!! {i have 2 boys..} ha!

Amrita said...

So precious ! :) xo

ingrid said...

Oh my goodness, those shoes are just darling!

Morgan said...

Oh, I love your Lyla girl and her outfit is so cute! I love the big girl outfits, too! I saw the cutest rolled jean shorts for babies at Gap a few weeks ago. I didn't buy them, but they were totally a mini version of some that I wear.

Sugarpetite said...

Oh, she is such a cutie pie!!