Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Carolina On My Mind

A few weeks back, Q had a conference in the Durham area of North Carolina, and he asked if Aurora and I would come along. Of course, we said yes rather than be without him for three and a half days! And we're always up for a little adventure.  Not only that, I had two friends to catch up with: one from college and a new friend from blogging (it was our first time meeting with our little babes who are a month apart in age!).  The weather was almost unbearable, but the hotel had working air conditioning and a pool.  We had some delicious eats (one of the best parts of traveling!) and even some time to relax. We both said we'd like to go back sometime when the weather is nice enough to be outside and when we have more time to explore as a family.

Here are some photos from the trip:

Aurora loved the pool at the hotel, and tried, in her little lifevest-slash-wetsuit, to swim by herself a number of times.  She also loved the water noodles. We went to the pool every evening to tire her out before bed!

 We got to meet up with my (new) blogger friend Rici and her precious little Teagan for a little thrift shopping, lunch and coffee/smoothie time in Greensboro.  It's a cute little spot (with an amazing vegetarian/vegan restaurant that Rici graciously allowed us to eat at!) It was a little hot for the four of us (well...FIVE, since Rici is expecting #2), so we didn't get to visit as long as we wanted,  but it was an awesome afternoon!
 My friend, Jess, suggested we take Aurora to this kids museum in downtown Raleigh, which was amazing! Aurora played non stop and loved seeing all the kids since she's super social these days. I wish we had something like this in DC...we also went to the best vegan joint I've been to you (I also wish we had something like Remedy Diner in DC!)

My college friend, Jess, just also happens to be a vegan of 2 years and offered to make us a delicious vegan meal at her house. We haven't see each other in over 5 years, but we picked up easily where we left off, and it was fun talking about being vegan, and of course, eating yummy vegan food.

The trip also made me wish I had such awesome girlfriends in DC. :)

We're now planning our second big trip of the summerr, for family beach week. I think Aurora's going to love it! And yes, there will be LOTS more pictures, I'm sure. I'll try not to overdo it.

Have a great Tuesday,


Jessica B. said...

It's so weird and cool to see myself on your blog. I wish we lived closer too. I was so great hanging out with you. :)