Friday, August 26, 2011

Strike a Pose

I've said this before, but it seems like us moms are always the one behind the camera.  When I see Andrew holding Lyla, whether she is fast asleep on his chest or they are grinning at one another (and the light is juuuust right) I can't help but want to snap a photo.  Maybe being a mom has made me uber nostalgic and I don't want to miss a moment or maybe it's the artist in me that sees everything as a picture.  Either way, I love photographing my family.
Andrew has a pretty darn good eye for photography (even though he is the athlete, smart/practical, left-brained one in our relationship).  But unfortunately I mostly have to ask to have my picture taken if I want photo documentation of something (sorry babe, it's true!).  It's a little embarrassing to ask, but when it comes to capturing memories of Lyla and I together, I am certainly not too proud.
Here we are yesterday, just because.  (Okay, maybe it was because my hair was looking particularly better than usual....)

And because this is a "vintage" blog, I must mention my t-shirt in the photos!  I first started getting into vintage when I was in college and vintage-looking logo tshirts starting to become popular (2002ish?).  Because I am a cheapskate, I would scour thrift shops looking for authentic vintage tshirts instead of buying $25 'fake' ones from Urban Outfitters.  I have scaled down my collection quite a bit, but can't seem to part with my Pittsburgh sports tees (Pirates, Penguins Steelers).  Anyway, my love for vintage stemmed from there and has grown ever since!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend (and hurricane free!).