Monday, August 8, 2011

Vegan for a Day: Have a Little Rice

Okay, okay, don't judge me, but I didn't make vegan food for today! We had a few mini home catastrophes yesterday and taking photos of my quickly made dinner didn't even cross my mind.  Yet here it is again: Meatless Monday.  What is a vegan-word-spreading girl to do?

Kill two birds with one stone, that's what. (Except no killing birds because, well, you know, I'm vegan and care about animals and stuff.)  I'm going to introduce you to one of my favorite vegan blogs by one of my favorite people ever. Katie, of Quick Cook Rice!

She's super cute!

On top of being an awesome vegan, writer, wife, yogi and pug mama, she's also a very close friend--my DC vegan partner-in-crime since she's the only "real" vegan I know here.  We met in grad school...became friends...lost touch...became friends again...oh, the drama (which you can read a little about here.) I even found a few photos of us from that crazy time. (K, I hope you don't mind!)

This St. Patty's Day did not end well.
Dancing. Georgetown. Justin Timberlake. Who ARE these people?!

Phew, glad those days are over. We are both healthier and happier now.  Who knew that veganism could be so life-changing?! (I do now.)

Katie is working to explore more than just recipes with her vegan blog, but the culture of veganism, vegan roadtrips, the whole vegan experience. I love her writing, and I think you will too. She's funny. And smart.  And her blog posts really make you think. Or salivate.

But it's Meatless Monday and we do need to make here's a link to Katie's delish recipes (especially check out Meatless Monday Man-Foods!).

So go, check her out!  Show some love.

Bon Appetit (and happy reading!),


Katie (quick cook rice) said...

Aw! Thanks for the shout-out! I'm so glad we're partners-in-crime here. I adore how this post is labeled "why veganism is awesome!" You should probably mention that I tend to cause controversy. Oops!

That St. Patty's Day was awful, but look at us dancing in Georgetown...are you really sure that's us? I really don't recognize us. Things have certainly changed for the better. <3