Monday, August 29, 2011

Vegan for a....Hurricane Interruption.

Hello there!  We just got power back late, late last night after the hurricane.  No power means no cooking which means another week with no vegan recipe!  However, we made the best of it...even better than the best, maybe.  Yesteray morning Q stoked a fire in the backyard firepit and we made breakfast (see? I did do a little cooking...).  He heated hot water for coffee/tea and we made breakfast mountain pies.  Aurora loves being outside, so she ran around and we picked up a lot of stray sticks.

bread + vegan cream cheese + fresh tomato + dash of garlic salt into the mountain pie maker.

Later, the big girls came you can see, Aurora is getting not only soccer skills from her big "sissies," but also fashion inspiration.  I was just telling Q yesterday how grown up and pretty they both were...and he agreed (though begrudgingly--I know he still thinks of them as Aurora's size).   We played outside int he gorgeous weather, then went searching for some internet (for me) and ice cream (for them).

fedora- Gap (thrifted), top-random (thrifted), jeans-boys/Target, hi tops-Old Navy (thrifted)
We went out for a quick thai dinner (which was vegan, but not very good) and after Aurora went to sleep, Q and I watched Waking Life (which I can't believe I've never seen!) by candleight, as he'd had the foresight to charge our portable DVD player. I love that man. Our power returned at about midnight last night, so everything is pretty much back to normal. And I'm excited to cook dinner tonight!
I hope everyone else stayed safe and dry during the storms.  I'm trying my best to catch up on blogging and posting and other work after a very crazy last week!



Cara said...

So glad you guys have power back and everything is okay!!!! BTW... looking forward to your next recipe post. I LOVE all the ones I've gotten from you gals so far. :)

Katie (quick cook rice) said...

Breakfast mountain pie!? This is so cute!

Kelly-Marie said...

Looking so groovy in her hat!!
x x x