Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week 29: Poppin’

Something that I NEVER thought would happen to me, has happened.  Part of me has transformed….becoming unrecognizable. 

My belly button has popped!  My signature innie is now an outie. 
Now I know I sound crazy (which is nothing new….) but I really take/took pride in my belly button.  All those cheerleading practices spent running around in a sports bra, getting complimented on my “slit” belly button (it seriously looked like a tiny vertical line…albeit that was pre-college, pre-marriage, and pre-10 lbs.  Before getting pregnant it had already rounded out a bit since the slit-days).  My 18th birthday could not come soon enough, so I could get my perfect belly button pierced (Mistake!  It has since been removed for almost 6 years and the tiny pinhole will forever be a reminder of my bejeweled innie).    But now, I don’t think I could point out my own belly button in a police-style line up.  Don’t tell anyone…but I ‘m kind of digging the outie.  It looks so pregnant-lady-ish.  Makes my questionable baby bump look totally legit.
In other news….my mom and dad helped me plant daffodil bulbs in our garden today.  It’s hard to believe when those flowers POP this spring, that a little baby will be here to enjoy them with us.  These thoughts are getting me through when I remember that we did, in fact, downgrade to basic cable this week in order to save some moola for the little girly on the way.  So no more trashy Bravo reality TV shows….but pretty sure it is going to be worth it after I POP out this baby in a couple months and finally get to revel in our new little family.
In these photos:  vintage cardigan, men's light blue v-neck from Gap, grey leggings from Walmart (oh yes....I've turned into one of THOSE girls who wears leggings as pants...I'm not proud of it.  In my defense, my 'real' pants don't fit!), vintage pixie boots--for sale in our shop!


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