Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Miskabelly Vintage Re-Design

As most of you know, our original etsy shop (which is still going strong!), Miskabelle, was our first venture into selling and blogging about vintage clothing.  On the Miskabelle blog, we had (and hope to have in the future!) entries where we would take a vintage piece that had a great print, or a rich fabric or unique detail, but was a little off and redesign it into something more wearable.

Being (almost) 8 months pregnant I'm still trying to use a lot of vintage in my wardrobe but have been finding that not all of it works with my new body I figured, why not do a Miskabelly maternity-version "re-design"?

I snatched this dress up a couple weeks ago on a thrifting trip.  What drew me to it?  First off, I'm a sucker for shades of blue and purple and then the 70's-esque diagonal stripes, the little puffed sleeves....  The one big issue (besides the length--most vintage dresses I buy for myself, I end up shortening to above-the-knee) was the ever-popular trait of a lot of dresses from the 70s/80s--the slightly dropped waistline, with the billowy top.
After fixing the length, and moving up the waistline (empire waists are SO much better for baby bumps), I also decided I wasn't a fan of the high neckline (I like to show some collar bone!).  In order to accommodate all these things, I decided it would be easiest to just slice it down the middle and work with it as a button-up dress.  Here's how it turned out:
 A conservative granny dress, with a fun color palette re-designed into a baby-doll mini dress with a v-neck and buttons down the front!  Though it was quite the overhaul,  I'm kind of digging the final product.

Until next time!



Crystal said...

Great job! That turned out so cute. I never would have guest it was the same dress.

jadie said...

that looks great! this should definitely be a new feature :)

Swetlana said...

i've been following your blog for quite a few weeks now and i have to say i really, really enjoy my stay over here! :)

this dress looks absolutely beautiful in it's new design! GREAT job!

Misty said...

I knew you could sew, but this looks incredible!

Amrita said...

Totez presh ! Luv !