Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Welcome to Miskabelly!

Hello and welcome--whether you're a mom-to-be, a mom already, a friend of a mom, or someone who plans to become a mom someday in the future, this blog's for you!

What is Miskabelly?  Our new sister Etsy shop, which will feature vintage maternity clothes, refashioned vintage maternity clothes (unique, handmade pieces to fit all yoru belly bump needs!), vintage baby clothes, and handmade nursery decor and gifts! We shared a little preview on our Etsy shop blog recently.

We're hoping to approach pregnancy blogs in a fun and fashionable way!  We're one mom (Manda) and one mom-to-be (Jayme), and we hope to share our journeys in pregnancy/motherhood, as well as a ton of fashion and beauty advice.  Sometimes it's tough to want to put energy into dressing up (or getting dressed at all!) or making ourselves pretty when we just want to stay in bed a few more hours and down another box of Girl Scout cookies.  But here's the thing, something true:  when you look good, you feel good. That's no shallow thing.  It's about transformation!  You know how a little red lipstick can change your whole attitude?  It's kinda like that.  Except with big round bellies.  And dark undereye circles.  And spit up.

Here are some blog features we're planning:
  • Jayme's week-by-week photo/pregnancy impressions
  • The Pregnancy Diaries, where J shares all the wondrous pregnancy milestones, peeing in cups, drinking disgusting liquids, feeling the baby kick, etc.
  • Hot Mamas, where we share our favorite maternity looks from friends and celebs
  • Dress the Bump, maternity fashion advice for the cheap and chic
  • Mama Moments, where Manda will share insights from life with little Aurora
  • Baby Decor, with handmade, creative ideas for the nursery
  • Baby Yourself, a list of weekly ways to pamper and take care of YOU!
  • Miskabelly shop updates/previews
We'd love if you'd share this link with your friends or any mamas you know!  There are lots of pregnancy blogs out there, but none as fun, creative, fashionable or bargain-conscious as this one.  We're excited to get rolling.

Miskabelly's shop will be opening in September 2010.  Keep checking here for previews of what's to come!

With love,
The Hot Mamas of Miskabelly