Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekend Update in Pictures (and words too)

I was anticipating Jayme and Andrew's visit all week.  I had a running to-do list up on our kitchen whiteboard so that everything would be perfect--it was their first time visiting our house in VA (and Q's and mine first time entertaining overnight guests!).  I could barely sleep on Friday night, and even though I am known for my late sleeping on Saturdays (since Q is home, he'll usually get her out of her crib if she starts fussing and let me sleep in, since he doesn't have to go to work.  They get special time together and I get special time...with my bed!), I was up with the sun.

They got in around 10am, and of course, while they were very excited to see me and get a tour of the house, they were EXTREMELY excited to see Aurora!  And she was just as excited to see them:
 Top:  Uncle Andy makes Rora smile.  Bottom:  Aunt Jayme gives Rora some cereal.

We played and relaxed for a while after their three and a half hour drive.  After that, it was time for a shopping trip!  Discounts, thrifting and vintage are some of our favorite things.  We hit up Loehmann's, then came home for lunch.  After lunch, we headed back out to Unique, a huge thrift store in Virginia, where we found some amazing vintage baby clothes (that I will soon share on a preview blog!).  It was hot and humid and what I simply call "gross" outside, so we came back to the haven of our central A/C and hung out for a while.  Of course, downtime always means "cool tricks time" for Aurora:

She'd really like to think she could drink out of a glass.  She loves gnawing on the edge, but if a sip of water gets in her mouth, it still surprises her.  We were laughing so hard at how excited she got over a little water glass!  I know I'm her mom, so I'm biased, but I swear she is the cutest and funniest girl there ever was.

We went out to dinner in the evening, once things cooled down.  Unfortunately, it took a little while for us to park, and then a little while waiting for a table, so we ended up sitting down just about half an hour before Rora's usual bedtime.  She started to get really fussy, so we had fun passing her around, trying to see who could keep her calm the longest.  In the end, it's always Daddy who has the best ideas.  Outside of the restaurant, there was a fountain/waterfall--Rora loves water (baths, showers, the ocean, her baby pool, bubbling brook sounds to fall asleep)--and this calmed her down for our ride home:

Rora, Q and me outside of P.F. Chang's in Arlington

We came home and put Aurora to bed, though not without more fussing (she was definitely overtired by this point).  Then we hung out in the living room, listening to some XM radio and talking while Jayme highlighted my hair (yes, she's my personal shopper, hairstylist, makeup artist, etc).  We were all pretty tired after running around all day, so we rolled into bed around 11:30pm.

The next morning, it was time for our favorite city breakfast spot, Open City.  It's a little bit of a drive from Virginia, but it's worth it, especially as it's become a family tradition:

 our little family

The place was pretty packed and a little stuffy. Jayme, Q, and I all got delicious frozen cappuccinos. Andrew had coffee (with animal crackers on the side, which Aurora had to sample--below, in pic with Q). We had egg scrambles and French toast.  Aurora was good for the most part, but we had to play hot potato with her once again toward the end of our meal:
from top clockwise:  Q & Rora, Uncle Andy and Rora, me & Rora and an English muffin, Aunt Jayme and Rora

After breakfast, we did a little driving tour of where Q grew up, then came home to chill.  When Aurora went down for her afternoon nap, Uncle Andy and Aunt Jayme decided it was time to go.  We were all sad!  But it was a fantastic weekend and I couldn't help but think how awesome our times together in the future will be when we have TWO babies to play and snuggle with!

We'll keep you updated on that progress, as Jayme hits the 17 week mark this week!  Yeah!



kmurph said...

The thumbsucking! So cute!

kayemkay said...

i'm loving that you both will have babies around the same time. just incredible.
you're both beautiful as always. (and goodness, so is aurora!!)
love to you.