Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Week 16 (4 months!): My Gluten-Free Bun in the Oven

In this photo:  handmade vintage sundress (a hand-me-down from sis!),  fringe sandals

I must say that before I was pregnant when I would read quotes from pregnant celebs like: “I LOVED being pregnant!” and “I thought it was really fun to get big…”, I would think “I’m TOTALLY gonna be like that.”  To imagine 9 months of eating what you wanted, when you wanted it and not have to stress much about calories sounded like bliss.  Well, I have finally reached the 4-month mark and I am still waiting for that blissful moment where I can give into a craving and experience a love for food again.  My first trimester has come and gone and I am still suffering from morning sickness (…more like morning, noon and night sickness).  To make matters worse, I am currently on a gluten-free diet.  I really hate to use the word ‘diet’ because it sounds weird for a pregnant woman to be on any kind of diet… but I am also having trouble coping with the fact that I should be saying  ‘gluten-free lifestyle’….which means forever….ugh. 
Gluten-free means it can’t contain wheat, rye, barley, and/or oats (NO, it is not a ‘low-carb’ diet…rice, quinoa, sugar, potatoes, etc. are all still fair game).  My body just can’t handle the gluten (almost like an allergy), which results in cramping, bloating, gas, and an uncomfortable stomach.  It can also lead to other issues such as inability to properly absorb nutrients (which equals weight loss and fatigue).  I wasn’t too familiar with the condition until Amanda and my mom saw something about it on TV and suggested I look into it (after years of improperly diagnosed stomach problems, an appendectomy, and a miscarriage followed by months of being unable to conceive).  The next day I went on the diet…and 3 months later I was pregnant!  Not to mention, my nightly stomachaches had disappeared and I finally felt like I had energy to get through the day.
Needless to say, dealing with my strict gluten free menu ON TOP OF being sick has been rough (saltines and toast are a no-no for us gluten free girls).  Unfortunately to give into cravings would mean risking my health and my baby’s health.  So that brings us to today….4 months pregnant and yet to eat a slice of pizza….a cupcake….a fresh slice of French baguette with butter….*sigh*.  In my quest to satisfy my cravings, this weekend I attempted to bake a loaf of gluten free bread…which turned out to be a solid rock crust with a doughy, dense center (i.e. GROSS).  So looks like the only bun in my belly will be this little baby who will certainly bring me more joy than any fresh baked goodie (but you will be missed, blueberry bagel from Panera).


P.S.  Any other gluten free girlies out there?  I would love to hear from you!  Any websites, recipes, advice you have would be lovely. thx!


jamie said...

gluten free pizza in the DC area:


and gluten free beer for the postpartum world.

Anna said...

www.glutenfreegirl.com the BEST

Miskabelle said...

Thank you both for the awesome suggestions.
Will definitely be checking out that pizza ASAP!
And I'm adding glutenfreegirl to my daily blog reads!
xo Jayme

ChelleBell said...

Jayme-unfortunately I don't have any gluten-free ideas other than the gluten free section at most grocery stores (esp. Wegmans), however-you look gorgeous and I am so glad you got it figured out!!!

Miskabelle said...

Thank you Michelle!