Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Miskabelly Shop: Sneak Preview

As much as we love sharing our mama and mama-to-be-stories on the Miskabelly blog, the actual idea of "Miskabelly" started as a sister store for our etsy shop, Miskabelle.  As you know, we have a love for all things vintage and Miskabelly will be a place to find vintage clothing for moms-to-be and babies.  We are also working on a line of baby toys/stuffed animals, handmade from our collection of vintage fabrics, as well as vintage-inspired paintings (which we shared on the Miskabelle blog).
The Miskabelly maternity line will include a wide range of dresses, tops, skirts, etc. for all types of mamas and the baby line will be of course, sweet little vintage baby clothes.
So without further ado, here is a glimpse at some of the lovely vintage pieces that will be in our Miskabelly shop launching sometime this August!
breezy sundresses

flashy 80's tops

work wear

casual bohemian pieces

...and some too-cute vintage baby duds

Hope that gets you excited...I know we are!

Jayme & Amanda