Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week 18: Let’s Grow!

Let me just start by giving you a list of my frustrations for this week (yes, I have turned into a whiny baby):

Number 1-- While in an overly-optimistic state I declared “If I can’t eat all the things I love and am craving, I am going to learn to bake gluten free versions for myself!”  We all know the outcome of my previous attempts, but I decided to give it another go and bake some gluten free cinnamon rolls.  Um, yuck.  Just the thought of them now angers me!  After my first bite I found myself wondering who in their right mind would post this recipe online and say that it’s even edible.  Grrr… I ended up eating cantaloupe for dessert instead.  Cantaloupe?   What kind of pregnant woman eats fruit for dessert?

Number 2-- In my 18th week I have turned into a paranoid/emotional wreck.  I lay awake at night thinking of all the horrible things that could happen to me or to Andrew (the hubby) or the baby….pregnancy complications, birth complications, after we bring the baby home….yadda, yadda, yadda.  I’m sure it’s mostly hormones (and my normal-self’s tendency to be a worry wart anyway) but dang is it stressful.

Number 3-- Last but not least—I WANT A BIG OL’ PREGNANT BELLY ALREADY!  I have got some pretty shocked reactions from people when I tell them I am at 4 ½ months.  I get to hear stories of how “huge” they already were at this point in their pregnancy… and comments like “Wow, you’re lucky.”  But really?  Am I?  It’s not very fun to feel apathetic about food.  AND my wardrobe has become so limited because I’m constantly trying to hide the little bump I have (not only because I don’t want people who DON’T know I’m preggers to think I’m getting chunky, but also because I’m half embarrassed of my lame excuse for a baby bump in front of people that DO know).

But alas, I need to shut my pie-hole because today on one of my twice weekly trips to the post office to ship Miskabelle goods, I had my first real mommy-to-be moment.  As I put my packages down on the counter, the post office attendant asked “Are you expecting?”  WHY YES I AM!  Now, this is not the same post office attendant who watched me heave in a trash can a couple weeks ago (if you didn’t catch that blog, click here!).  But I did have a sneaking suspicion that she had heard through the grapevine about the incident.  But when I suggested  that was why she asked, she claimed she hadn’t heard (so yes, I had to relay it to her).  So jeez, maybe I DO have a “real” baby bump!  Needless to say, I shall remove Number 3 from list… NOW I just need a gluten free personal baker/chef and some kind of tranquilizer.

In these photos:  vintage head scarf, CC California ruched tank, vintage beaded necklace/jewelry, grey skinnies by Tyte (haha...yep, that's what you get when you shop at Ross Dress for Less!), vintage navy flats

22 weeks to go!



Agnes said...

1) be proud of your bump big or small...let people think you are chunky. They will feel so ashamed in a month or two.
2) State College has a wonderful Celiac support group with great people (with real yummy recipes)
3)stop reading baby books, they all cover 'worst case' topics thus making yourself crazy.

Relax enjoy grow

Bridget said...

Jayme you look beautiful! I agree, no worrying what size your bump is... you have a baby growing inside your tummy! That's the most important part. I love reading your blog and getting updates.. Makes me miss you but I'm happy I know what's going on in your life! xoxo