Monday, July 26, 2010

Post-Baby Body Challenge, Week 1

I've never had a washboard stomach and now it's guaranteed I never will--which is okay because I like curves and softness on my own body.  The thing is, I'm almost 6 months out, and I am seeing too many curves and too much softness on my body.  After pregnancy, my figure is almost unrecognizable to me.  You always hear that even if you get back to your pre-baby weight, your body will be different (except for those rare freaks of nature who seem to pop them out then head ot the gym the following day--I'm talking to you Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, etc. etc.).  My body is a little too different now for my liking, as are my habits.

Now, I know I wrote previously about giving your body grace.  I'm still doing that.  But I think I've been giving myself a little too much grace--or a little too much pasta.  And I sat up a lot of the night with a baby with an upset tummy and realized how much my eating habits affect her and how, when she's old enough, she will see and emulate my healthy--or unhealthy--habits.  I don't just need to get back into some semblance of shape for my own vanity, I need to do it for Aurora. 

We're going to the beach in 2 weeks. I'm honestly dreading it.  I can't tell you the number of cute coverups I have purchased so as not to be seen in a bathing suit.  I don't buy those Cosmo headlines of getting your "perfect beach bod" after a few weeks, but I could use a little tough love.  I also have a wedding dress to rock in about two months.  So here, dear readers, is where I've decided to bare my soul (and body).  I need some accountability and I also need a record of my goals and progress.  So welcome to the Post-Baby Body Challenge.  Each week I'll share a fun picture of myself (cringe) and a list of mini-goals for both my eating and exercise, as well as one self-love activity (to maintain that grace I referred to earlier).  Other hot mamas (with a little more to love), feel free to join me!

Here's where I'm starting (can't believe I'm actually sharing this, but (BUTT-hehehe), here we go).  Worse than I thought, but I suppose that's another strong motivator:

I'm not going to focus on "losing weight" because 1)there's no way in HELL I'd post my starting weight here and 2) we don't own a scale so I don't actually know (or want to know) how much I weight right now.  I'm focusing on getting toned up (I used to have fantastic arms and now they're so jiggly!) and energized.  Also, notice the fly pink and black sneakers:  I bought them to motivate myself (cute workout gear can't hurt, especially for a fashionista like myself).

This Week's Goals

Drink a glass of water with each meal(before drinking anything else)
No snacks after 8pm (Rora's bedtime)--a warm drink (tea or decaf coffee) instead.
Do two P90X workouts with Q
Take three walks with Aurora
Morning pages at least four days

It's early as I write this--I already had my first cup of coffee (and no water!), so I must make up for that.  It rained yesterday, so while the air is hot, it isn't humid--looks like a great day for a walk with my two loves.



Todd said...

way to go, Amanda! I'm proud of you for accepting who you are and trying to just be a better you! You've challenged me (I've been trying to drink water and not eat late--but not done well)...good luck!

Courtney said...

You go girl! I'll be there in about 3 weeks! (going to give myself until 6 weeks out to start toning up back to pre-baby weight, but plenty of plump in areas that don't allow me to fit my pre-pregnancy pants/shorts etc..) I think I'm also going to get some of those toning sneakers to wear when I go back to work in the lab, so that when I'm on my feet at least I can be doing a bit extra at work!

kmurph said...

You're a brave lady and an inspiration. I'm using my impending 25th as my reason to tone up, so I'm sweating it out right beside you! (Though against break-up weight, not baby weight!)

Yoanna said...

I think what you're doing is great! Thank you for your honesty and openness. It's quite a difficult journey to go through, been through it twice, and boy I could have used an extra dose of grace.