Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Real Mama Style: Rainy Day Errands

I think this is my first (Amanda) style post on the Miskabelly blog! I post my vintage looks more frequently over on the Miskabelle blog because I get dressed up from time to time to show readers how to wear vintage.  Jayme had lots of pregnancy photos just in time for our blog start and has been doing a great job looking stylish while toting a baby (and breastfeeding! yeah!).  But what do real mamas of toddlers wear?

I am finally to the point where I can't stand being in pajamas all day. Even if it means just going out for a long walk, I force myself to get dressed.  I am definitely more stylish in a regular 9-5 job setting (because you see many more people and have to make an impression), but in terms of working at home, it's just not necessary.  But I've decided to start thinking of my jobs as real work...since they are, after all...and maybe I should take myself more seriously and get dressed!

This is what I wore yesterday for a trip to the post office, a vegan cupcake, a run to CVS, and some late night Starbucks with Q and Aurora (had a drink around 8 since I had to teach 12am-2am last night!)

blood orange cardigan-thrifted, white tee-old, jeans-Seven (old), heels- UO (last fall), pyramid necklace-vintage
This is a really easy and comfortable look! (In total, the whole outfit may have cost me about $50).  A comfy tee with a bright cardigan (and heels!), your favorite jeans, and a standout accessory.  Just make sure the heels aren't too high, since you may be chasing a toddler around the post office lobby...

I feel like I'm finally hitting my stride with post-baby fashion. I've gotten rid of a lot, I'm settling into my (new) size (though still trying to stay fit and, of course, eating vegan), finding things that work together, and saving the sweats for bedtime.

Also, the next time you see a photo of me, I may look a little different...stay tuned for that. ;)



Rici said...

Don't you look cute!! Love it!