Monday, September 19, 2011

Lyla Georgette {9 months}

Hmmm....wasn't it just the other day I was writing Lyla's 8 month post??  Not much new around these parts after last months big milestones.  Her one new trick?  When asked "where's your nose?", Lyla points to her nose!  It's funny how these new things just happen.  It amazes me everyday what a quick learner Lyla is.  Crazy how babies just pick up on the smallest things.
Lyla is such a playful, silly girl.  She's is SO sneaky.  And she has this coy little smile and giggle/snort when you catch her [eating paper, pulling clothes out of the laundry basket, crawling into the dog's cage].
I think these photos attest to this...

playing peekaboo with the curtain

sitting in her high chair, having a snack

playing tug with Sophie
I'm pretty lucky, huh?

I love how our gestures mimic one another's in these photos!  And the matching messy hair (oh--notice my new 'do?).

Yes, yes I am.



Misty said...

I love that hairstyle on you! It looks so classy and sophisticated. You look gorgeous, as always!

Jenarcissist @ the closet narcissist said...

Happy 9 months to Lyla, and happy 28 to you! :)

Of COURSE I love your hair long too...but I am really diggin this glimpse of your new 'do! More, please! :)

Uncle Q said...

I wonder, does she ever sneak your phone and call her Uncle? Cause I had a conversation the other day with someone that sounded a lot like her.