Friday, September 9, 2011

Funny Friday with Aurora

I think Aurora gets more and more funny with each month that passes. She is doing so many new things and talking up a storm.  But sometimes the things she does are naughty...and yet hilarious.  How do you keep a straight face when you want to scold her because she did this?

Well, before really scolding her (and taking this photo...luckily I had just uploaded some photos and had the camera with me!), I had to rush her to the bathroom to scrub her face.  Fortunately, a little Johnson's Baby Wash did the trick because the writing was fresh. I sighed with relief, thinking I was going to have to explain to people why my toddler had a tattoo on her face. She also drew a line on the rug, the chair I was sitting on, and her arm and leg (pants). Those lines did not come off so easily.

I was sitting in the same room. I don't even know where she found the marker.

The problem is that she has been using those Color Wonder markers that only color on the special paper. She can make lines anywhere else and they don't show up.  But permanent marker is a different story.

The other problem is that I do some editing work for an hour a few days a week: usually I can put one of Auroras shows on (Elmo or Yo Gabba Gabba) and sit in the play room/TV room with her. She'll watch TV and play with her toys and I'll edit.  I guess I just got too caught up in what I was doing to notice she was wielding a dangerous weapon.  I think I learned my lesson...but at least I got a good laugh in the meantime.

We are so happy it's Friday!  No big plans this weekend, but we need the time to relax--can you relate?

Have a great one!

Amanda and Aurora


Jennifer Wilson said...

oh my, how funny! glad you saw the humor in it and got a photo!