Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aurora Style: Hi, Rain!

Aurora loves to be outside in the rain, so VA's hurricane weather was just fine by her.  Q and I took her outside to play (pre-65 mph winds, mind you), all dolled up in her rain gear. She likes to say, "Hi, Rain!" when she feels it on her hands, which I think it about the cutest thing ever, wouldn't you agree?

Hi, Rain!
Puddle jumping with Dada
jacket-vintage, top-Oshkosh (thrifted), leggings-gift from Aunt Jayme, boots-gift from Aunt Jayme
We made the most of the natural we do of every trying circumstance.  We're always "making it work."  I hope that resilience is a quality that we pass down to Aurora, as well as joy despite circumstances. We were healthy, happy and dry (except for that half an hour in the driveway).  Our house did not flood. No trees fell.  We cleaned out our gutters just in time.  We counted our blessings.  At the end of it all, I didn't want the weekend to end...

It's Small Style Day over on Mama Loves Papa, so we're linking up too!

Enjoy the day,


Rici said...

Love this! T would be major jealous as she only had a small puddle to jump in...and it went away witin half an hour. Aurora looks adorable!! Love you girls!

Morgan said...

Aurora is so sweet and beautiful! I love her boots! And, the "hi rain"? Cuteness overload! :)

You two are so inspiring- I love how you work through and make the most of every circumstance. I know you will definitely pass that down to Aurora.

ingrid said...

Nothing beats some splashing fun - especially in pink gumboots!