Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Meet in the Middle

In attempt to get the whole family together and avoid anyone having to endure a 4 hour car ride, my parents planned a family camping trip in Maryland for Labor Day weekend (the halfway point between PA and VA).  It's always an adventure when you're traveling with babies but our gals were pretty darn good all weekend--other than the 2 babies taking turns waking up the 2 grandparents, 4 parents and 2 teenage girls during the night (we all shared one tiny cabin!).

We lounged around camp, playing cards and flipping through magazines at the picnic table, cooking mountain pies and s'mores on the fire and being participants at the camp's activity offerings of mini golf, canoeing and swimming.

Sunday we took a break from the "great outdoors" and went to some antique shops (where we scored two awesome dresses for the Miskabelle shop) and out to lunch.  It was so nice seeing Amanda and her little fam and I'm thankful my parents put together this little trip for us all!  But as my dad said--sometimes the best part of vacation is that you come back appreciating your own home and surroundings (yay for non-communal bathrooms and comfy beds)!

Hope you all enjoyed your long Labor Day weekend as well!


P.S.  Like our new look?  We're still tweaking some things here and there, so please bear with us!  : )


Amrita said...

Lyla & Aurora look so sweet together ! And the site looks great ! :) xo

Kelly-Marie said...

Found you baby blogs ... you've got a lovely looking family and im glad you had a lovely weekend :)
x x x