Friday, November 4, 2011

The Shirt Before the Shirt

I'm trying to decide if I should really use that title.  It's a quote from Jersey Shore and I am totally embarrassed to admit that I watch the show.  I guess I could've just not foreclosed that and then only other people who watch Jersey Shore would get the title (and since they watch too, I don't need to be embarrassed, right?).  Oh well.  I'm using it.  Make fun of me all you want.

SO, Lyla obviously didn't wear her skunk costume all day on Halloween.  But I did keep her festive-looking in black and orange and with candy corn socks!  She was so cute and happy that day...playing with her little pumpkin.
Here is her pre-costume Halloween outfit a.k.a. "this is the shirt before the shirt."

Black tights on a crawling baby don't mix well with our light-colored doggy (I was tempted to photoshop those hairs from her tights in the last photo, but opted not to).  Added to my to-do list for this weekend:  vacuum and mop the floors!  

Happy Friday!



Rachel @ A Cupcake for Moose said...

Awww, she is so darn cute! Love the top knot and the t-shirt...just adds to her adorableness. Happy Weekend!

Miskabelle/Miskabelly said...

@Rachel @ A Cupcake for Moose

Thanks Rachel!
Yes, I must admit that I love doing her hair like that... it makes her look a little older than the regular little bows but it is too cute.