Monday, November 21, 2011

Xmas Prep

Last year I did pretty much nothing to prep for Christmas.  My due date was December 28 so I was very pregnant and sort of used that as an excuse to barely decorate, not send out cards, etc.  This year I have a feeling things will be the same if not worse-- a tree is out of the question with this very curious almost-one year old crawling around.  But I did decide to do an easy Christmas card.  Yesterday I took some photos of Lyla in her festive Christmas outfit and simply ordered a collage/card on Shutterfly.  Just wanted to share one photo for now--this one shows her little bottom tooth that's popped through!  Looks like the top front ones are close on their way too....

(A little over exposed/washed out...I haven't got my camera settings figured out.  But the expression is priceless!)