Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lyla Georgette {11 months}

Love a little just-up-from-her-nap, rosy-cheeked baby!  
Today Lyla is 11 months old.  This past month her biggest milestones include (all of which I have no photo evidence, so I'm filling in with some random favorites from the past month):

1.  Getting her first tooth.  This involved lots of crying, crazy fever (which resulted in a terrifying little fever seizure followed by a trip to the doctor, followed by a diagnosis of a urinary tract infection... sheesh),  and refusal to eat (but trust me, she nursed enough to make for the lack of regular food).  All I can say is--holy crap...we still have a whole mouthful to go?!

This poor gal's poor gums--they are SO bumpy and crazy looking!  I think more teeth are definitely on their way.  Oh...and in case you were like "oh wow!  She's in her pj's in her crib!"--it is certainly not because she slept there.  It is full of toys and she plays there if I need to go put in a load of laundry!
2.  Standing on her own.  So funny how babies just decide one day to let go and stand hands-free.  She didn't even think twice--she just let go and stood there like it was nothing.  Lyla is one confident baby--once she's standing, she excitedly bounces and claps. We're trying to coax her to take a step, but so far no luck (Is that a bad idea?  Is a walking baby ten times harder to chase than a crawling one?).

I think I have a million photos of her standing at the front door like this.  And also--I photograph her in pj's a lot!  Trust me, we get dressed everyday...but something about babies in pajamas that makes me want to grab the camera.

3.  Adding to her vocabulary.  New words include:  "up" (so now she follows me around the house saying "pupp up up pup") and "nana" (banana).   If I'm in the kitchen, making my morning coffee, she crawls up to me and does her sign for 'eat' and says "nana?  nana?" Cutest ever!!

Oh those bangs...always in her eyes!  
I am just ever so slightly starting to think about a 1st birthday celebration.  Part of me is feeling super emotional and sad about it but the other day, as Lyla napped in my arms, I looked down at her and thought "she is still SUCH a tiny little peanut"....and not just in size--I really still feel like she is such a baby.  She needs me so much and I love that.  Being an attachment parent (having her sleep in our bed, nursing her on demand, carrying her everywhere) is trying at times but I think that the connection we have is so much stronger because of it.  And I think it will stay that way no matter how old Lyla is.



Miranda said...

Oh she is just Darling!

I do have a little question.... where did you find that activity table. I have been searching but finding no luck!

Kaitlyn said...

awww, don't you just love when they do new things? It's the best! She is such a little cutie!!

Teething gets easier!

In our sea of love

Miskabelle/Miskabelly said...


Thank you...I think she's pretty cute too! ; )
Wish I could help you with the activity table (Lyla LOVES it), but it was a hand-me-down so I'm not sure where it's from.

Miskabelle/Miskabelly said...


YES! Seeing her learn new things is the only thing keeping me from breaking down crying over the fact that she will soon be ONE! ...I hope you are right about the teething thing!

Jenarcissist @ the closet narcissist said...

I haven't visited in a while since my own little one is not quite 7 weeks old yet and is keeping me quite, how Lyla has changed, and just look at that sweet smile. I've been meaning to write you, actually. I already believed in attachment parenting, which is a good thing since we have a little gal that also wants to be held or worn almost all the time. :) She slept in bed with us a little while the first night home because we couldn't get her to go to sleep any other way (she won't even sleep in the co-sleeper unless we put her in there already asleep), and I eventually started doing it full-time. It makes for so much more and better quality sleep for all of us. I also wear her in a sling or wrap most of the day. She's just starting to be interested in looking at things and will nap in her crib a bit after playing with her mobile. It can be challenging sometimes when she doesn't want me to sit while wearing her because she wants me to walk walk WALK!! Sometimes I just wanna be still. lol But I love having her so close to me so much of the time. It's comforting for BOTH of us. I'm very much a snuggle bunny and am glad she is too. :)

Jenarcissist @ the closet narcissist said...