Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Happy Halloween, Indeed.

Aurora couldn't quite enjoy Halloween last year:  not enough teeth to eat candy, unable to say the words "trick or treat," and not even able to walk around. She was briefly dressed as a mermaid, and then went to bed at 7:00pm.

But this year was a totally different ballgame. It was fate: we found her costume at the thrift store and it fit perfectly.  Then Q got the Halloween bug and decided to go all out.  His enthusiasm got me going too, and an invitation to our neighborhood Halloween parade/block party sealed the deal:  we were doing a family costume!

Meet the Pirates.

Q spent a good part of the previous weekend and evenings during the week turning Aurora's bike trailer into a real pirate ship.  You wouldn't believe the detail that went into this thing, from a plank (with footprints!), to an anchor, a crow's nest, a treasure chest (complete with map!), netted ladders...it was pretty amazing.

My creative husband at work. 
Heading out to the parade.
Pirate Parents.
Our neighborhood was so amazing! We were out of town for Halloween last year, so we didn't get to go, but they organize this parade and a party/potluck for the whole neighborhood. There was a DJ, lots of food, a cotton candy stand, pumpkin carving contest, and prizes for best costume! (Aurora took second place in her category for 3 and under! WOOO!) We had so much fun...and after a day of freezing cold and snow, we were thankful for clear blue, sunny skies.  It was the perfect day.

Aurora and Dada sharing some cotton candy.
Watching the big kids in awe.

She walked right over here with her cookie and sat down.  Yes, she's an extrovert.

Spiderman is always a good friend to have.
Hope you enjoyed this little peek into our very fun and family-filled Halloween! We're already looking forward to next year.

Amanda, Q & Aurora


Merit said...

The Pirate Ship was really clever.