Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Give Thanks

We have a lot going on at my house...lots of stress and stupid grown-up woes.  But we also have a LOT to be thankful for (the number one obviously being miss Lyla).  I want to remember that even when Thanksgiving has come and gone.
Last year for Thanksgiving Lyla was still in my belly, but this year she got to experience Turkey Day firsthand.  Aurora was there too (oh, and Amanda and Quentin...but to Lyla, "Ah-wah-wah" is most important).  The girls visited great grandparents, met cousins for the first time, ate lots of mashed potatoes, and had a blast!

I pretty much died when I saw Aurora in her first pigtails! (ok...so more like, I almost CRIED because she looks so grown up!)

Best friends.

Finally some photo evidence of Lyla standing on her own!  She also took some steps this past week (*tear).

Our family.

Amanda, Aurora and Quentin

This group of cuties are ALL of the great grand children on my mom's side (I still can't believe we got 5 children to sit still all at once for a photo)!

We spent Friday with Andrew's family for our second Thanksgiving.  Lyla got an early birthday/Christmas gift from her Aunt Jen--a rocking horse.  She is in LOVE!  I can't hardly stand the cute....

Oh, and to add to the photo-overload, Lyla and Aurora had matching horsey outfits (Amanda thrifted them, both originally from Gymboree)!  

Lots to be thankful for these days.



daydreamme said...

Is Lyla sleeping through the night yet? My daughter is 9mo old tomorrow and I haven't had more than a solid 4hrs of sleep since the day she was born! I know I'm going to be sad when she no longer nurses at night, but all of a sudden it's really hit me how TIRED I am!

Miskabelle/Miskabelly said...


Oh my...I hate to tell you, but Lyla has still NOT slept through the night!! I can't believe it's been almost a year since I've got a full, uninterrupted night of sleep! But I have to admit, we haven't really put much of an effort into any kind of sleep training. I know what you mean--as much as I complain about waking up with her, I KNOW I will look back and say "I miss that..."

Kelly said...

cute little princesses! and that rocking horse, i like it! I'd try to buy one for my toddler. she love seeing horses on the TV, i bet she'll love that for a toy :)

also the horsey outfit, cute! it gave me a happy feeling just like this pic: http://www.babypics.com/pics/a492/00000009 thanks for the post ♥ kelly