Monday, November 14, 2011

Lyla Style: Legwarmers

I keep seeing DIY's for legwarmers around the internet.  Simply cut the arms off an old sweater and finish the other end and voila!  Homemade legwarmers.  Initially I slipped on these sleeves (from a shrunken-in-the-wash cashmere sweater) on my own legs, but quickly realized they'd be much cuter on Lyla.  I had to take them in a bit, but it was super easy.  Now I have the chicest baby on the block, rocking her heather gray cashmere legwarmers.  (And here she is getting in the way while I attempted to photograph some boots for a post on the Miskabelle blog.)

I have a feeling she will be rocking these legwarmers a LOT this winter!