Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Through Dada's Eyes...

So.  I'm still doing the whole working part-time thing (I first talked about it HERE).  I still don't love leaving Lyla but I must admit that I love that she has time alone with Andrew.  He has been a very hands-on daddy from day one, changing diapers, rocking Lyla to sleep when my boobs just can't handle any more nursing, keeping her occupied while I attempt to have time to myself...  He is pretty amazing.  I knew before I married him he'd be a great dad but WOW, he has taken all my expectations and blown them out of the park (does that saying make sense??  In other words--he is the bomb diggity. Yeah, I just said that.  I am still living in 1999).  What pretty much gets me through my six hour long shift is receiving and anticipating photo texts from Andrew, showing me what he and Lyla are up to.  He has this theory that she likes being out of the house, so most evenings they go do something when he gets done at work.  Usually it's a trip to Walmart ('s right up the street from our house.  I support small/local businesses when I can.  I'm sorry, but sometimes I just want my 99 cent bag of pretzels).  Sometimes she's happy in the photos, sometimes she's eating and most often...she's SLEEPING!  Yep, Andrew's the baby whisperer.  Lyla goes to bed by 8:30 on the evenings she's alone with Andrew.  Granted, he has to hold her/rock her until I get home at 11:00.  But STILL!    Dada's arms are magical.  She seriously just melts when he picks her up.  Passed out in seconds.
I wanted to share some photos that Andrew has sent me over the past few weeks.  A little peek into daddy-daughter time.

1-  Asleep in daddy's arms.
2-  Happy little lady.
3-  At Walmart...with the scarecrows (she calls them "baby").
4-  Yesterday, he was holding her like this, talking on the phone to me on my break and she fell asleep!  This is seriously unheard of around these parts.  She even stayed asleep while he changed her diaper!
5-  Asleep in the car.
6-  Daddy made her a pancake for dinner.  She wasn't impressed.
7-  At Walmart (again!).
8-  Sharing some of daddy's dinner.
9-  At a high school football game, in the front carrier (oh my...wish I could've been a fly on the wall! haha.  Also?  ASLEEP, again!).

Hope you're all having a lovely week!