Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lyla's First Halloween

I used to LOVE planning my Halloween costume each year.  Some of my favorites included a vampire (complete with slicked back hair and face paint), a pink lady from Grease (I even created the signature jacket from a pink hoodie I already owned), and a mime.  When I got Sophie, our dog, I would create a little headdress for her each Halloween--a pumpkin head, a witch's hat, devil horns... So I thought for sure when a baby came into the picture I would be creating some crazy elaborate costume for her first Halloween.  Well, these days I am lucky if there are no dirty dishes in the sink.  In other words--I barely have time to shower, let alone sew a costume!  Luckily my cousin's kids handed down THE cutest little skunk costume that their kids wore for their first Halloweens.  It had a red bow tie, that I removed and re-sewed onto the ear, to make it a little more girly... but other than that, I just put on overtop Lyla's black leggings and shirt.  Voila!  Cutest. Skunk.  Ever.

My parents always hand out juice boxes (that's the big Kool Aid box in the background).  The trick or treaters LOVE it!  Those kids work up a thirst, running around the neighborhood gathering their candy.

I attached Sophie's little witch hat to a headband to look festive for the occasion. 

These days, Lyla calls EVERYTHING "Baby?" She says it as a is the cutest thing.  I will try to post a video soon!  So any scarecrow or pumpkin was "Baby?!"

The best part was, she didn't even mind wearing the costume!  She crawled around, dragging her little tail and searching for candy (though, she still has no teeth.  So she was just crinkling the wrappers with her hands).  We visited all the grandparents' and she did great!  First Halloween: SUCCESS.



Shannon said...

Adorable!!! :-) I also LOVE the idea of handing out juice boxes.

Amrita said...

O M G. Cuteness overload !! :D