Thursday, December 1, 2011

Up Up Up

Since teaching Lyla to say "up" (when she wants picked up), she constantly follows us around saying "up pup pup".  We were so diligent at picking her up as soon as she said anything that sounded remotely like "up" (not only to teach her that cue, but also because when she says it, it is so darn cute you just wanna give her a bear hug) that now she feels like "Wow, I've got the magic word!"  So pretty much any time I'm not looking her way, Lyla crawls after me, wanting to be "up".  This week has been especially trying, as I think she is on the verge of MORE TEETH, so I have hardly been able to put her down.  She even follows me into the bathroom when I'm blow drying my hair (which isn't actually that regular of an occurrence, because I usually feel lucky if I simply get a shower).  She thinks the wind from the hairdryer is quite hilarious... Andrew snapped some pics...

What color is her hair??  Seriously, it looks red, blonde and brown, depending on the light.
There are worse things in the world than being chased by the cutest baby ever, I suppose. ; )